An Introduction to Korean Beauty Products


For the past four years I've had a love for Korean beauty products. This initially started because I just loved the kawaii packaging that a lot of beauty brands offered, but I soon realised that the formulas and quality of Korean makeup often would be superior to the UK beauty brands I was use to. 

I've now tried out a huge selection of Korean products, both cosmetics and skincare and a lot form the staples of my everyday makeup bag and skincare routine, so I thought I'd share with you today what I recommend if you are new to trying Korean beauty brands.  

Silicone Primers
The Asian Beauty market contains some amazing silicone based primers that really do act as a veil over the skin and for that reason I've tried out quite a few now. Yes, these do need to be used sparingly and not everyday due to the silicone not letting the skin breath but when you are wanting flawless skin then a little primer can work wonders. My first experience of a Korean silicone based primer was with the wonderful Tony Moly Egg Pore Silky Smooth Balm that comes in a unique golden egg packaging. The primer is much thicker than other primers I was use to using but this meant it really did fill in my enlarged pores and smoothed out the skin - it's actually still a favourite of mine! But my ultimate favourite has to be DHC Velvet Skin Coat, £17.00 Feel Unique, which has a wonderful powdery gel texture that glides over the skin to create a flawlessly smooth base for foundation.

 Lip Tints 
Aside from primers that offer a flawless base, the East Asian beauty market is awash with stunning lip products and I couldn't be more pleased about this fact. Over the years I've tried many a lip tints, from water tints, to gels and of course balms. These all make for easy everyday wear and add a pretty hint of colour to the lips. My personal favourite tint is Etude House Magic Tint Balm that really is such a unique melted formula that smooths over the lips feeling so comfortable and slightly plumping, plus offering such a lovely sheer red hue. Another everyday favourite are the Tony Moly Petite Bunny Gloss Bars, £3.93 each eBay, that are so fruity and again offer such a lovely wearable tint that keeps the lips soft and hydrated all day long.


BB Creams
BB Creams are certainly an Asian beauty product that's caught on in the UK in a big way yet I can't help but thinking we've got it all wrong and our version of a BB Cream isn't authentic at all. For me a good BB cream should act as skincare, even out skintone, work as a concealer and be high in SPF. However the only downside to true BB Creams is that shade range is limited and often ashy in tone. So unless you can get colour matched and buy in person I'd say stick with foundation! But if you really do fancy trying out a higher quality BB Cream than the ones on offer from UK brands then I can't recommend Dr Jart Beauty Balm Creams (found in Boots) more highly. These offer such a comfortable feel on the skin, just the right amount of coverage and that high SPF.

Peeling Gels 
Peeling gels/creams went a bit crazy in Asian skincare in 2014 and even though it hasn't  really filtered down to the UK or America skincare market there are such an array to be found online by various Korean cosmetic brands. Peeling gels are actually chemical exfoliators that gently dissolve dead skin cells from the face, leaving it silky soft and brighter. I personally love peeling creams over physically scrubbing at my skin as it's much more effective and also a lot more gentle to the skin, not to mention better for the planet! I find using a peeling cream leaves my skin so much smoother but results do only seem to last 2-3 days before you need to use it again, the only downside really - but trust me the results are pretty impressive. My personal favourite is Skin79 Crystal Peeling Gel, not only does this look like a high-end product with the beautiful yet simplistic packaging but this gel really does leave my skin baby smooth and only a little is needed! But if you want to go for something much more fun there's the Tony Moly Appletox Smooth Massage Peeling Cream that comes is an amazing apple shaped pot and even smells of fresh apples. This definitely is more cream like in texture and ideal for sensitive skin and a great way to try out a peeling cream for the first time with the benefit of kawaii packaging! However if you do want to stay away from eBay when buying Korean products or you aren't placing a large order through a Korean beauty website then the Ginvera Exfoliating Whitening Gel, £11.24, is a great UK buy that can be found on Amazon. 

Face Masks 
When it comes to face masks it all gets a bit crazy for choice, there's sheet masks, overnight masks, steaming masks, pack masks and of course your bog standard mask in a tub. I've tried quite a few sheet masks now from various Korean brands and find them a great way to quickly hydrate my skin even if I look scary in the process. Also sheet masks are inexpensive - my favourites comes from Innisfree and Etude House. As for traditional pack masks (in a sachet) I haven't had so much luck and found them a little generic and not great for all the varying skin types. However I do love Korean face masks that come in pots that are thick and full of great ingredients. My favourite Korean face mask has to be Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask £9.42 eBay, which is just amazing for oily/acne prone skin, easily the best clay mask I've tried without being overly drying to the skin. If you do have an oily or even combination skintype then I'd certainly recommend trying this face mask out if you are picking up a few Korean beauty products

Side note - I personally love finding Korean beauty products via eBay from larger genuine sellers however if prices are surprisingly low then it's to be expected that the product will be fake and best avoided. If you just don't want to risk it then Yes Style is a great website with low delivery costs to shop at or Ko Ko, which is a UK based website. 

Fee xo.  

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