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With an ever expanding array of hair tools and styling products today I thought I'd share with you a few of my most affordable ones that I highly rate! 

Gone are the days that cheaper hair tools mean tugging at your hair and causing more heat damage than is necessary and the same goes for budget styling products, look in the right places and they will be as good quality as high end hair brands. Here are my own picks that I really have been pleased with.


THX Total Hair Experts Pastel Yellow Hair Straighteners 
On Offer £12.00 (normally £18.00) - Tesco Direct here
When it comes to hair straighteners I love my Cloud 9 irons but as a budget option and for travelling with I cannot rate these THX Hair Straighteners enough! Not only do they look great, they come in three pastel shades, but they actually glide though the hair with easy (no snagging here) and straighten with a high temperature to keep the hair sleek all day. I also love how lightweight the straighteners are making them ideal for travelling with, they will be coming on my hols in a few weeks time in fact! If you are on a budget really don't be put off by hair straighteners under £20 because trust me they work just as well!

 As you may have spotted, these are on offer at Tesco for £12.00 but if you want even more of a bargain you can find a limited edition summer blue pair here for only £9.00!

Alberto Balsam Smooth & Sleek Nourishing Oil 
£3.99 - Asda or Sainsbury in store  
For me a hair oil is a must, I can't remember the last time I went without one when drying/styling my hair in fact. But they really don't have to cost a lot to do the job of smoothing and de-frizzing. For me this Alberto Balsam Nourishing Oil is a great budget one as it contains Argan Oil which I find so nourishing and to smell amazing in all hair products. It's also a nice medium thickness oil, neither too thick or too runny, making it suitable for all hair types. Before drying my hair I will run a single pump of the oil through the lengths and then another pump more to the ends once I've finished straightening my hair to smooth split ends which really adds a sleek finish. If you don't already use a hair oil in your hair routine then this is a must try!


Nicky Clarke Diamond Shine Pro Salon Styling Wand 
£29.99 - Amazon here/ £36.99 - Argos here
On to a really good curling wand now with the Nicky Clarke Diamond Shine Styling Wand. What I love about this wand is the size and width of the barrel and the high temperature it can reach ( max. 210 degrees). Gone are the days I want tapered curlers, now it's all about effortless chunky waves and this wand certainly gives that effect. Both the design and quality for the price are really impressive and the high heat it reaches helps curls last all day and removes frizz. I couldn't be more happy with this curling wand!

Tresemme Making Waves Creation Hairspray 
On offer £3.99 (normally £5.99) - Superdrug here 
For extra hold to curls I've recently been using this unique hairspray. Unlike other hairsprays it's less crispy and with less of a hold but still enough to keep curls locked in throughout the day. I simply spray this over each section of hair as I curl it and then once brushed though another light spray over the length of my hair. I ditched using hairspray years ago but this is a great alternative and something I will keep on using everytime I curl my hair. Plus it smells great!


Tigi Bed Head Mini Small Talk 125ml 
£4.99 - ASOS here 
Another hair styling product I absolutely love is this bargain Tigi Bed Head mini. Perfect on normal hair to add a little thickness and volume whilst also taming before blow drying. But I will admit I love this really for the amazing scent, just so so yummy, like sweets! If you are wanting a great hair brand name then I'd certainly suggest looking at the Tigi minis. Also great for travelling with.

Hair Styling Clips 
£1.00 - Poundland in-store  
Lastly I had to include these inexpensive hair clips that have revolutionised how I style my hair. These are perfect for pinning up sections of hair whilst you straighten or curl it or even for keeping hair away from your face as you apply your makeup. These of course don't dent the hair in any way and are such an essential for me, especially when I'm using a curling wand. 

Hair products really don't need to be expensive! Let me know your own budget hair favourites in the comments. 

Fee xo. 

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