eBay Bargains #24 - Autumn Beauty Edition


 Acrylic Makeup Storage 28 Holes (£6.29 here) - Okay, so this isn't very autumn themed at all... however come every September I seem to become obsessed with lipstick, both rich berry shades and deeper nude shades, so what perfect way to display my favourite shades than this tiered storage. What I especially like about this holder is that it contains both circular and square holes, meaning it will hold most lipsticks unlike storage holder I've used in the past. I just know this would look amazing on my dressing table filled with my favourite autumnal lipsticks!

W7 Brown Queen Eyeshadow Palette (£3.95 here) - So W7 have gone and done it again by releasing another amazing looking eyeshadow palette at a totally bargain price! This is of course a very Bobbi Brown inspired palette with the chic brown packaging and row of shimmering smokey eye neutrals and if past W7 palettes are anything to go by they will be buttery soft and blendable. This would be seriously perfect for Autumn!

Osmo Intensive Deep Repair Conditioning Hair Mask (£4.85 here) - As we come into slightly colder months my hair definitely requires more hydration and TLC, especially the ends! So my favourite deep conditioning mask will have to be purchased (I don't find I need it in summer) as it was a life saver for my hair last winter. The conditioner is much thicker than standard ones and really grabs onto wet hair instead of slipping over it and really moisturises the ends of the hair. It also smells of a heavenly vanilla scent and has an interesting iridescence to it - both nice touches. Favourite conditioner ever basically!

Sally Hansen Nail Polish (£2.50 each here) - Sally Hansen do nail polish well and so when I came across this listing I was pretty pleased to see lots of shades I'd never seen before. Here I've just picked out two of my favourite shades that would be ideal for Autumn - 'Pennies for Heaven' and 'Wine Not'. I love both the shade names and rich tones to these... just look at that wine shade! I will certainly be updating my autumn nail polish stash with these very soon.

Max Factor Smokey Eye Drama Kit in Sumptuous Gold (£1.50 here) - Another eyeshadow palette here that I instantly snapped up after spotting the bargain £1.50 price tag. This is normally £8.99 in Boots! With 4 shades that I know I'll use I just had to have it... I will of course be using it straight away but them middle two shades are screaming autumnal smokey eyes to me! Total bargain buy! 

I hope you've enjoyed yet another eBay Bargains post - the first series I've managed to keep up! 

Fee xo.

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