August Wish List


As it's a new month I thought I'd start it off with a wish list. For once I don't have a to-buy list the length of my arm, but what I do have on my list are some really great products that I'm desperate to try out. 

Here's what I'm hoping to treat myself to this month! 

Seche Restore 
£5.99 - Amazon here
With hundreds of nail polishes and unfortunately only 10 fingers my collection is getting a little dried up. Not terribly so but a few shades, especially Essie ones hmm, are looking sad and gloopy. So to remedy this I plan to buy Seche Restore as I've always read positive reviews and it seems just the thing I need. When I do purchase this I will be sure to give it a review as it could be a life savers for older nail polish.

Sarah Happ Confetti Cake  Lip Scrub
£19.00 - Beauty Bay here
Yes, the price is correct. A crazy £19 for this little baby... but oh, I want it so bad! I mean how good does 'confetti cake' sound as a flavour? And that packaging! This may just need to be a Christmas present to myself when I've used up the two Sara Happ Lip Scrubs I already own and love!

Mane 'n Tail Conditioner 
£4.48 - Amazon here 
When it comes to conditioners I like them thick and mask-like. So when I discovered the Mane 'n Tail Conditioner that had been sitting on in my Amazon wish list for months was actually formulated to be used on show horses (I literally didn't think it was for horses!) I knew this would be some thick moisturising stuff! This also has so many rave reviews on Amazon.  

Superfacialist Probiotic Micellar Cleansing Water 
£6.99 - Boots here 
Superfacialist is my favourite skin care brands on the high street, the ingredients are always of high quality and work well. Which is why even though I have a bazillion micellar waters, I need this one! I'm sure this will be popped into my basket on my next visit to Boots.

Paperchase A4 10 Subject Notebook
£8.00 - ASOS here
Lastly a notebook that I stumbled across on ASOS and instantly thought how good it would be for blogging with and staying organised. 10 subjects does seem like a lot but there are so many aspects to blogging and things to write down, especially if you like to write lists, so I really think this would come in handy! ASOS also stock a 5 subject A5 notebook here.

What's on your own wish list this month? 

Fee xo. 
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