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Shockingly as I sat down to write a blog post for today I was all out of ideas! This is probably down to being on Day 3 of a raw Smoothie Diet (apparently clarity and energy comes on Day 4 or 5) and the awful head fog I currently have, argh. 

So instead of not blogging, I thought I'd take it back to basics and pull out all the items I've really been loving recently and review them with quick mini reviews. Not my usual type of post but hopefully you will find some new products to try out!

Revlon Photoready Airbrush Effect - 001 Ivory 
£12.99 - Boots here 
This is a foundation I picked up on a total whim recently as I was getting sick of my foundation clinging to dry spots and the creases by the side of my nose; it was also reduced by £8.00! To my surprise this actually delivers on it's 'airbrush effect' claims and doesn't settle in creases or fine lines or to dry patches. I also find this to soak into the skin and look almost like I'm not wearing foundation - big claims I know! So very impressed with this. How have I lived without trying a Revlon foundation up until now?!

Makeup Revolution Salvation Palette - What You Waiting For? 
£6.00 - Superdrug here
With so many eyeshadows I very rarely buy palettes anymore. I love my Urban Decay Naked ones and a stunning everyday palette from Tarte but sadly high street palette are forgotten about easily. But not this one! I've had this beautiful Makeup Revolution palette a good 4 months and I'm still using it! All the shades are buttery smooth and highly pigmented, I also find some of the shades to be really unique. Total love!

Bourjois Velvet Rouge Lipstick - Don't Pink Of It!
£8.99 - Boots here
 For the past few weeks this has been my go-to lip product. It's the perfect pinky nude for my pale skin and it feels great on. What I particularly love about this lip product, well the whole range really, is the 'velvet' finish. I find matte finishes sometimes hard to wear as my lips dry out easily but this is almost a hybrid texture that's neither matte nor glossy/hydrating. Really chic and pretty.

EOS Lip Balm SPF 15 - Lemon Drop 
£3.25 - Amazon here
I recently bought my first ever EOS Lip balm (in Sweet Mint) and there was something about it I just loved. It's pretty average on moisturising the lips but the domed applicator is pretty addictive to use and the scent wasn't overly synthetic. So whilst making yet another Amazon order I decided I needed, yes needed HA, a summery one. Lemon Drop was the perfect choice as it's not overly fragranced but yummy and contains SPF 15 which is a plus for me as I always seem to burn my lips on hot days. I can see an addiction to these forming!

Crown Brush - Deluxe Soft Fan 
£6.99 - Crown Brush UK here 
I couldn't not include this brush as it's been a staple in my makeup routine for the past few weeks now. Some how since purchasing a Real Techniques Kit with a fine fan brush in it, I've discovered the world of fan brushes. Fan brushes don't seem to be too popular and I haven't a clue why as they are perfect for highlighting/contouring with. I still use my fine RL fan brush to highlight with and then this thicker fan brush to almost map out my contour and get the bronzer down on my face. I then buff it all out with a large dense buffing brush. I could also blend with this brush but I wouldn't want to damage the bristles overtimes so I just opt to make that chiseled contour-line under my cheekbone. This is also ultra soft and hasn't shed any bristles so far.  

Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask 
£15.90 - YesStyle here
With oily/combination skin clay masks are my thing. I have more than I'd care to count but I use them at least twice a week as part of my skincare routine. My favourite right now is a new Korean one that really is a true clay mask. What I love about this mask is how deep cleansing it is, you really can see the difference after using it and how it dries without cracking. Almost all clay masks dry hard but once you move your face the dry/tight feeling is gone as the mask is cracked, but with this mask it seems to have some elasticity in it meaning it just doesn't crack and feel more comfortable to wear. If you have super oily skin I'd highly recommend this.  

Colab Dry Shampoo - Monaco 
Full Size £3.50 - Feel Unique here or Superdrug 
If I had to pick between Colab and Batiste when it came to dry shampoo it would be hands down Colab. Finally a dry shampoo that doesn't give me an itchy head however much I apply. I also feel like Colab have spent some time over the scents as they really do have clear fragrances that smell nice. I've enjoyed all the scents I've so far tried but 'Monaco' really is the scent for me; super fresh and quite an aqua smell. Just perfect for summer. 

Crest 3D White - Glamourous White 
£7.75 - eBay here 
 On to a bit of a random favourite here with toothpaste. But as I've been impressed with it I decided it was worth including. A few weeks ago I decided to research whitening toothpaste and this came up as one of the best, with so many great reviews. And all the reviews were right! This does actually remove surface discolouration and I've seen my teeth lighten in shade over the past two weeks. I'm sure I will keep trying out different teeth whitening product but this will definitely stay my everyday toothpaste.
& Other Stories Floral Memento Body Scrub  
£7.00 - & Other Stories UK here 
Lastly a lovely in-shower body scrub perfect for summer. Firstly this smells like a bouquet of fresh flowers, just so stunning and unique for a body scrub. Secondly this has to be one of the nicest consistencies of body scrubs I've come across with the grains in this being densely packed but light on the skin so there's no over scrubbing going on. Plus the scrub lightly foams as your rub it over the skin meaning a little goes a long way, it gives a silky texture and the smell really is noticeable when using it. If you enjoy using body scrubs then this should be next of your list. 

Hope you've enjoyed these mini beauty reviews! 

Fee xo.

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