eBay Bargains #23 - Early Autumn Edition!

 As the weather has been far from summery recently I've got to daydreaming about Autumn! You know where you stand with Autumn; it's crispy and it rains a lot. But you also get them amazing glowy sunny days where you want to kick up the leaves as you walk! 

I also love the lead up to Halloween come October with warm candles burning at night and of course Hocus Pocus and The Witches. So here is my little ode to Autumn as I truly love the season. Also items are pretty cheap as it's still summer!

Copper & Wine Nail Glitter (99p each here) - For some reason I've always been drawn to bronze and wine coloured glitters. They are rich in shade and oh so pretty! So come Autumn I like to pick up a few cheap pots of glitter to sprinkle over nude nails whilst they are drying, then I seal in the glitter with a top coat. This makes such a lovely unique look.

Wine/Red Envelope Tote ( £15.99 here) - Both Summer and Autumn calls for a new handbag and this is my favourite so far that I've come across for Autumn! I firstly love the wine shade of it but I also love the detail to it. Of course this is in a 'Mulberry' style tote but very well done. Totally love it!

Village Candle Scented Votive (£2.79 each here) - For me Autumn means candles, a lot of candles! The more warming and yummier the better. My favourite brand for these kind of candles is Village Candles, which I prefer to Yankee Candles as I find the scents less synthetic and actually very true to the real scent... Brownie Delight is actually mouth-wateringly good! There are so many yummy scents in the listing and I find votive candles to be just the right size to try out before committing to buying a larger jar candle. Seriously these candles are worth trying.

Over sized Tartan Scarf (£3.78 here) -With crisp autumn days a scarf is certainly an accessory you need. I personally love them oversized and blanket-like, which is why I was instantly draw to this beautiful tartan scarf wrap. It's also such a bargain!

Autumn Maple Leaves Nail Decals (£1.50 here) - Lastly I had to include these wonderful maple leaf nail decals! Aren't they great? I could see these over nude or mauve nails or even layered as they are water decals meaning you can overlap them without any thickness to the nail. Simple to use but very impressive! FYI - I've already ordered some for Autumn. 

Hope you've found a few Autumnal bargains here!

Fee xo.

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