Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Love!


If you've ever smelt anything from the Soap & Glory Sugar Crush range then you will know just how amazing and unique the scent is! The fresh and zingy sweet lime scent had me hooked with the body scrub then I soon realised I owned pretty much everything from the line!

With Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Fragrance Mist hitting Boots stores last month and answering my prayers I thought it was time to write a full blog post on the Sugar Crush range and why I literally can't get enough of! 


 Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub
300ml/£8.00 - Boots HERE  
As mentioned above the bosy scrub was my first purchase from the S&G Sugar Crush range. I remember having to buy something after having a cheeky sniff of the scent and decided on the scrub as £8.00 for the huge tub seemed pretty great value. I'm now onto my 3rd pot of the stuff and still love it just as much! The scrub is dense and really does an amazing job of buffing the skin without being harsh. This also only leaves a little extra oil on the skin once stepping out of the shower to moisturise the skin, in fact I'd say it's my favourite scrub on the high street. The juicy lime scent also seems to really suit a body scrub, making it my summer scrub staple!

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Buttercream 
300ml/£10.50 - Boots HERE
Once I's got hooked onto the Sugar Crush scent I caved and purchased the matching Buttercream. Now I will admit I think £10.50 is a little steep but what can I say... I love me the lime scent! Like all the Buttercream's Soap & Glory do this is a thick and creamy moisturiser that soaks into the skin with ease but leaves the skin amazingly hydrated and nourished. A bit of a treat for me (when I have a billion other moisturisers I should be using up) but again another summer staple!


Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Fragrance Mist
100ml/£10.00 - Boots In-Store
Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Spray
100ml/£4.00 - Boots HERE 
Since discovering the Sugar Crush scent over a year ago now I'd dreamt of the day when the scent was turned into a perfume! That day finally came last month and I couldn't have been more thrilled! Now to be honest if I'd have spotted the body spray I'd have purchase that over the fragrance mist because... 1) Could they have made that lime green bottle anymore damn ugly? 2) I'd be saving £6.00 3) The silage I imagine isn't too dissimilar. Buy hey ho, this is still an amazing scent and one that's totally perfect for summer. If you love beyond juicy scents then this is a must try!

Soap & Glory Irresistibubble Gift Set 
£5.00 - Boots HERE
Annoyingly S&G don't sell individual travel sizes of the Sugar Crush range - pretty gutting as it's the perfect summer holiday scent! But thankfully this gift set solves the problem as it includes both the Body Wash and Body Buttercream in travel sizes. Which is why I'd personally buy it but this also makes for a lovely but cheap gift or even to try out the Sugar Crush line without buying a full size product.

Another favourite from S&G is certainly their Smoothie Star range, but I'll leave that for another time! 

What range do you love the most from Soap & Glory? 

Fee xo.

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