eBay Bargains #17 - Spring Edition!


 1. Mirror Tortoise Sunglasses (£1.22 here) - When it comes to sunglasses it's all about the shape and finish this season, with cats eye, round and mirror finish lenses all being perfectly on-trend. So after some determined eBay searching I found this great listing for some on-trend shades that are incredibly cheap! 11 other styles available in the listing that are also amazing!

2. Ted Baker Style Wallet (£2.99 here) - Another cheap accessory here that I couldn't not include when I randomly came across it in my searching. This instantly reminded me of a current Ted Baker print that I love. Perfectly spring but without going down the soft pastels route!

3. W7 Cheek Tints (£4.49 each here) - W7 seem to be a brand constantly coming out with new products but without a huge social media presence or any large stockists it can be hard to keep up or even know of new launches! But thankfully new W7 stock does always find it's way onto eBay and generally into my paws! One of many new products includes these cute cheek tints that look like they will be exactly like the Benefit tints!

4. Burt's Bees Mango & Orange Sugar Scrub (£8.99 here) - Come Spring it's time to get out the scrub and get summer ready! As I'm sugar scrub obsessed I've already picked up 3 new scrubs including one of the sugar scrubs from Burt's Bees. Not such a bargain at £9 but it gives a £4 discount and is such an effective dense scrub.

5. Celine Style Handbag (£8.99 here) - A new season allows for a new handbag, right? Well I like to tell myself this is the case! I never seem to get sick of bright pastel shades and this mini Celine style satchel is just perfect at under £10! 4 other colours in the listing.

6. Victoria's Secret Love Spell Body Mist(£8.25 here) - A few weeks ago I smelt this specific body mist in Tesco (I know... select Tesco stores now sell VS body mists?! It was £16 mind, so I left it) and instantly loved it! In fact 'Love Spell' is Victoria's Secrets best selling body mist but also the most Marmite scent of the brand - you either love or loath it. The reason for this is the strong and synthetic fizzy peach scent. For me this is just the ideal cheap scent to wear in both spring and summer. 

Hope you enjoyed this eBay Bargains post! 

Fee xo.

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