Glamour Mag with Balance Me Freebies out now!


As I love my freebies I thought I'd give you all a reminder of the wonderful free gift with Glamour magazine this month! For only £2 (the price of the magazine) you can pick up 1 of 4 Balance Me products. 

Choose from - Super Moisturising Body Wash, Pure Skin Face Wash, Radiance Face Mask, or the Shine On Tinted Lip Salve. 


I personally love all the products here but decided to pick up the Super Moisturising Body Wash as it's SLS-free and I've loved Balance Me body products in the past. Plus I also received the Shine On Tinted Lip Salve with my Glamour Magazine subscription - a lovely lightly tinted red gloss/salve that feels great on the lips. 

I'm now trying to resist picking up the Radiance Face Mask as I've heard only good things about it! 

Are you tempted by this free gift? Have you already picked one up? Let me know!

Fee xo. 

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