Boots #GiveItAGo Twitter Chat Summary

As a few of you will know yesterday myself and Sabrina from A Little Obsessed (@SabrinaLovesYou) hosted a Boots Twitter Chat/Party with Makeup Artist Louise Constad (@Louiseconstad) on hand to answer any questions. 

The hour chat really flew by and I felt everyone had a great time. This is what I love the most about Twitter chats, that sense of community and the fact they are always so positive! Above as you can see is a summary of the chat if you missed it.  

You can also #GiveItAGo and try out the above looks and beauty cheats by heading on over to!

If you did join in I hoped you enjoyed it as much as myself and Sabrina did! And thanks for taking part! 

Until the next one! 

Fee xo.

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