An ASOS Haul - March 2015


In a post last week I briefly mentioned my current ASOS addiction! Now you may be thinking it can't be that bad but in one week alone last month I placed 5 orders?! That is madness and also a result of having an ASOS Premier account which gives you the joy of free next day delivery all year round. So if something doesn't fit, I simply re-order it in the correct size and when I spot a bargain it's oh so tempted to snap it up knowing it will be with me the next day. 

Plus I'm also in holiday buying mode at the moment and ASOS are great for all-year round clothing when all the high street shops are just coming out with their Spring collections. So even though my ASOS habit isn't justified, it's understandable! 

One of the symptoms of this condition is called "adding-on" in which the shopper can't just purchase the product intended and feels the need to 'add on' to their basket. Above is a pure example of this! However to be fair everything I've bought in the last week or so has been a total bargain! Which is why I thought I'd share my latest purchases with you and be a total enabler in the process. Enjoy! 


Lazy Oaf Sunglasses Shopper Bag 
First up is a cheap-y shopping tote for my upcoming holiday! I love these for next to the pool or beach to throw everything into, they really do the job and you know you can wash them if you get anything on it. The design of this is very summer appropriate, though they do have a few other quirky prints in stock (all reduced!). 

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation 
£6.99 - HERE  
 Another week, another foundation! Currently it seems I can't get enough of foundations, but after discovering Rimmel have the super light shade of 'light porcelian' (FYI: it can be tricky to find on the high street) I had to try out another foundation from the brand. So far so good with this... it's light yet creamy and gives light to medium coverage. Also the match is pretty spot on for my ultra pale skin!

REN Travel Size Cleanser Kit 
This was another holiday buy as I was after a quality cleanser to take on holiday but in a travel size - kind of hard to find. But aside from going on holiday I wanted to try out the two cleansers at only £7. The two cleansers includes are REN Express Makeup Remover - a cream cleanser you wipe over the skin on a cotton pad, and REN 3-in-1 Cleansing Water - a micellar water again wiped over the skin with a cotton pad. Out of the two I love the Cleansing Water the most but both are lovely products ideal for all skin types, including sensitive skin. If you want to trial out a couple of new cleansers I'd definitely pick this up!


Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Plumpy Top Coat 
NEW £2.99 - HERE 
Annoyingly I mentioned this top coat in my last post, but hey ho I'll mention again as it's worth buying if you're in need of a new top coat! This is Barry M's newest top coat and for me it's love. It's glossy, oh so smooth and yes, it actually does give a little plump-ness to the nails which turns a standard nail polish into looking slightly gel-like and actually thicker. I mentioned previously that I also think it would look great over nail art and glitter nail polish come to think of it as it would highlight the glitter and finish off the nails with a smooth seal. Strange side note - Since using this top coat I find myself stroking my finger nails. Yes, I'm slightly strange.

Ciate White Choc Pot Nail Polish Remover 
NEW £6.00 - HERE 
When I got this I opened the pot and was pretty disappointed - it smelt like any standard nail polish remover; stinky. But on using it and actually removing my nail polish with it, you get that lovely white chocolate scent with not a hint of chemicals. This means that my nails/hands don't smell of potent nail polish remover when re-doing my nails and need washing now. So it is a bit of a novelty product but I like it and at £6 it's the same price as other dippy-pot removers. I also quite like the dinky size too. 

Hope you like little random hauls like this! 

Fee xo. 
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