eBay Bargains #14


1. Waterproof Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush (£13.95 here)
When it comes to cleansing I love to use something that bit extra in the shower. I do own a Clarisonic but if I'm honest the brushes do wear and need washing thoroughly...which is why I love silicone facial brushes! This is pretty much the exact same as the Foreo Luna facial brush but at a fraction of the cost, literally... the brush retails for £145?! I know it probably won't be as good vibration wise but from the look of it, it's very similar indeed!

2. Vintage Girl Pocket Mirror (£3.00 here
Unless I'm carrying a beauty product that comes with a mirror I don't carry a mirror with me. And I've decided I need a pretty one! This is just perfect, pretty and compact. Other designs available.

3. Shower Detangling Comb (99p here)
I recently bought a shower comb and seriously it's done wonders to my hair. You wouldn't believe the difference in brushing your hair whilst it's covered in conditioner does, literally you step out of the shower with the silkiest feeling hair ever! I also find I can now skip using detangling spray. A serious hair essential!

4. Chapstick Cake Batter Lip Balm (£2.98 here
If you know me you will know I'm obsessed with lip balms. This extends to novelty lip balms, though they have to be good quality! Which is why I had to snap up this amazing cake batter lip balm from Chapstick. It's sickly sweet and just amazing. If you want your lip balm to smell/taste of cake then you have to try this.

5. Anya Hindmarch Cosmetic Bag (£5.99 here
Another unneeded obsession is makeup bags. I don't even use a makeup bag unless I'm going on holiday but when I see an aesthetically pleasing makeup bag I can't resist it. And seeing as I'm going away in March I thought I'd treat myself to this lovely Anya Hindmarch one. For the price this is actually amazing! The top is plain brown velour with the AH ribbon logo with a handy zip around, then inside is a lovely sepia photo of a vintage plane being loaded. I also love this shape and size of makeup bag as you can fit so much in them. Very lovely indeed.

If you have any theme ideas for my eBay Bargains post do let me know! 

Fee xo.

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