Amazing Products & Tools for Dry Winter Hair


Lets face it. Winter, bar Christmas, is pretty rubbish. It's cold, dark and uneventful. It also wreaks havoc with our health, skin, hair and nails - so basically everything then. But thankfully there are products to correct this, meaning there no need for us to look like crusty old prunes come Spring. 

So today I thought I'd share some of my favourite hair products that help not only look after the hair during winter but also bring it back to life when it's in need of hydration and nourishment. As with all my posts I've tried to pick out products that are affordable but a few here are a bit of a splurge, though definitely worth it in my opinion - they will last you years.


Clearspring Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 
£6.16/200g - Amazon here 
Firstly this is more of a recommendation for any Coconut Oil, as long as it's organic as really all organic coconut oils are the same! So just go for the cheapest. This was also the first product I wanted to write about as Coconut Oil is something I couldn't live without now for many reasons. I love it of course as a hair mask/hair treatment but also to remove makeup, use as a moisturiser and to cook with (I even cook my eggs in it!). But back to how it can be used as an amazing hair mask that will leave the ends of your hair so much softer. You simply heat a tablespoon of the solid coconut in a dish/cup in the microwave for around 30 second/until it's liquidised and then apply it to length and ends of the hair. I like to do this around 30 minutes before a shower but if my hair is feeling particularly dry I do this overnight with my hair up in a bun, then wash it out the next morning. I promise you, Coconut Oil is amazing! 

Moroccanoil Treatment 
£13.45/25ml - Look Fantastic here
The original Moroccan Oil is truly a holy grail hair product for me. Yes, there are lots of similar looking oils out there but this truly beats them all. I use this all year round on damp hair before drying it to remove frizz and make it all round shinier and straighter but this really is a wonder product in winter as it means your hair just doesn't snap off or feel dry. Without this oil my hair would need a serious amount of taming with hair straighteners so it also cuts down on how often I use heat on it. Plus only a little oil is needed (I'm talking a 5p sized amount) so even though you may feel a small bottle of this is pricey it will literally last you all year! If you suffer from frizzy, dried out hair then this is a must-have. 

Tresemme Renewal Hair & Scalp Intense Treatment 
4x15ml £5.50 - Boots here
Other than the scalp being cleansed with quite stripping shampoo we really do neglect it, so awhile ago I tried out the Tresemme Renewal Hair & Scalp Conditioner to see if I noticed any difference. I can't say I noticed much with my scalp but for the first time the roots of my hair felt soft (don't worry not greasy or weighed down with product) and kind of fresh! I didn't really love using this conditioner day-in-day out as I have so many others that smell amazing and leave the ends of my hair softer so I decided to try out the Intense Treatment shots. These work in the same way but I use just one tube each week over my scalp after shampooing. These leave the roots soft, something I've never felt before, and my scalp just feels better for it! It's quite hard to explain why I love using these but if you are into your haircare and like trying out new products then these are worth trying out. 

L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Hair Oil 
£9.99/100ml - Boots here
Another hair oil here and one that's the best on the high street in my opinion! This is seriously multi-purpose and ideal for anyone with dry or over processed hair. What I love most about this oil other than how multi functional it is, is how nourishing yet light on the hair it is and doesn't weigh it down at all. I use this all over my hair before shampoo (as a treatment), after drying to tame frizz and ends, plus it can be used on damp hair as a tamer and heat protectant. This nearly rivals Moroccan Oil for me especially for the amount you get for £9.99 so it's a good alternative.  

Beauty Bay Detangling Brush 
£2.50 - Beauty Bay here 
Detangling Brushes are hair savers - fact. My first ever detangling brush was a Tangle Teezer and it was love; for the first time I didn't have to tug at the knots in my wet hair. In fact I actually noticed that my hair got thicker from not losing it to a brush for once! I still love and use my Tangle Teezer but if I'm honest all detangling brushes are pretty much the same, so the above brush does the exact same job but at a snip of the price! If you are looking for a brush that glides through knots without pulling at the hair then look no further!

Nicky Clarke Diamond Shine Pro Salon Dryer 
£59.99 - Amazon here 
Finally I had to included my upgraded hair dryer that I'm so so pleased with! Previous to this Pro Salon dryer I owned just a standard Babyliss hair dryer and really didn't think a more expensive hair dryer could much more, but oh how wrong I was! The above hair dryer has cut my hair drying time in half, reducing frizz especially to the roots and the nozzle directs the heat so well that I can't feel any heat from the hair dryer when using it. As for the supposed Diamond technology I really can't comment but it sure as hell has improved the look of my hair and really does give that blow dry finish. The only downside is the weight; it's heavy, nearly too heavy. But seeing as I'm only using it for 5 minutes it's something I can put aside. 

How do you battle against dry winter hair?
 I'd love to hear your favourite haircare products! 

Fee xo.  

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