5 New Affordable Lip Products


When it comes to lip products I tell myself I'm not that in to them but really my makeup collection majorly contradicts this and actually nothing can make me swoon more than a perfect new nude lipstick.
So I think it's time for me to face up to the fact I'm a lipstick junkie! 

In light of this personal revelation I thought I'd share with you 5 new lip products I've got my mitts on recently that I'm been oh so impressed with! All can be found of the high street and offer something that's worthy of shouting about, well typing about.


BD Trade Secrets Velvet Cream Lipstick 'Designer' 
£5.99 - Tesco here or in-store 
Firstly can we take a moment to collectively "ooo" at the packaging, please? Isn't it beautiful?! I'm like a magpie to anything metallic! Beautiful packaging and exclamation marks aside, this is equally perfect in colour and formula... Tesco really have invested some time into this new range. The shade as you may be able to tell from the above swatch is a pinky nude colour that is a 'your lips but better' kind of shade with a glossy finish. This sits nicely on the lips as it's quite hydrating and lasts for around 3-4 hours, whilst remaining glossy. I really cannot fault this lipstick in any way and wholeheartedly love it. In fact I feel I need to try out more from the range ASAP. Just a beautiful, beautiful lipstick. 


Barry M Cor Balmy! 'Rosie Lea' 
£3.50 - ASOS here or in-store 
On to a more sheer but still pink option with the still fairly new Barry M Cor Balmy Tinted Lip Balms. This range of course is going to be compared to the Maybelline Baby Lips and instantly from trying a few shades from both ranges I can say the Barry M Cor Balmy range is better. With more pigmentation and hydration these are just spot on for me and worth spending that teeny bit more on. 'Rosie Lea' is a great vivid almost barbie pink that looks so glossy on the lip which I've been enjoying wearing on less makeup days and when my lips are too dry to bother with lipstick. But I've also come to realise that the balms can be blotted lightly to give a semi-matte finish that is so pretty, great for when my lips aren't feeling that dry and don't need that extra hydration. Also these come with a scent, this one I'd describe as a 'pick n mix' type of scent! A range definitely worth checking out. 


Gosh Velvet Touch Lipstick 'Temptation'
£6.49 - Superdrug in-store 
Another pink here, but oh, such a gorgeous blue-toned fuchsia that really is amazing! This instantly reminds me of MAC Orchid in shade and finish and with it's sleek all black packaging I can't see why anyone would splash out £15.50 instead of going for this beaut. The pigmentation of this lipstick and all of the range really is phenomenal, with a single swipe this gives amazing colour that stays well on the lips and wears to a stain around the 4 hour mark. The finish is also something that makes this lipstick look more high end as it's more of a satin finish that has that slight glossy edge but means it lays beautifully on the lips without clinging to any dry skin. 


BD Trade Secrets Pure Matte Lip Melt 'Independent'
£5.99 - Tesco here or in-store 
Back to the newly launches BD range now with another highly pigmented lip product that again I'm amazed by! If you love wine/berry winter lips then you will love this product so so much! This beautiful lip melt is perfectly matte, highly pigmented, weightless and rich. I've also found it dies down to the most perfect wine stain without that halo lip line effect that some matte lipsticks can leave you with. Another aspect I love about this product is the slanted edge of the lip crayon that's more like a lipstick, which still can be swirled up and down and gives better precision when applying it - very good thinking Tesco! The only thing I can fault is that is does cling to dry skin, but that is to be expected with such a matte deep shade. Must try more from this range!


Essence XXXL Longlasting 'Matte Effect' Lipgloss 'Velvet Rose' 
£2.30 Wilko here or in selected stores 
Oh, I do enjoy a good lip cream and Essence have done themselves proud here with this little range. This wonderful soft pink nude shade has become a true staple of mine for the month of January as I can't get enough of the soft pillow-y look it gives to the lips... I also can't get enough of the sweet caramel scent! The cream product applies like a wet mousse and feels quite oily on the lips but then dries to a near matte finish and feels so comfortable on the lips. If you love soft lip creams and have a Wiko store near you that stocks Essence products then seriously try this out! Next on my list to buy is definitely 'Soft Nude' for pouty Kylie Jenner-esque lips!

I actually wish I would wear all these lip products all at the same time - I love them all THAT much! 

Hope you've enjoyed these lip reviews and swatches! 

Fee xo.

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