Trying out Sally Hansen Real Nail Polish Strips in Frock Star


For months and months I've been eyeing up the Sally Hansen Real Nail Polish Strips and finally I ordered some in a Fragrance Direct order. I bought them mainly because I was intrigued by them and wanted to see how they fared compared to nail wraps - I can report so much better! But these were also my glitzy NYE nails! 

The idea behind these is that they offer the neatness and longevity of nail wraps but without the sometimes difficult application and peeling at the edges that they can also bring. As you can see I went the glitter design - "Frock Star" but there are so different designs that you just couldn't achieve with stamping or even nail art. You can find them at Fragrance Direct for only £1.15 here or eBay for £2.45 here. There really as some beautiful ones.


Before trying these out I really couldn't imagine what these were like and how they compared to standard nail wraps which I'd had zero luck with. But let me tell you these differ so much! Think much thinner than nail wraps and stretchy - yes, this wasn't something I expected either. The stretchiness of these actually helps them stretch and fit over the nail perfectly and to be pulled over the nail tip to be easily filed off.

A Rough How-to...
The process includes selecting the correct sized strips for each nail, peeling off the protective cover, pulling off the end tab, peeling off the back to reveal the ultra sticky side, placing down over the nail, pulling the tip whilst pressing down the strip, using the cuticle stick to tear off the excess and then filing the tip down slightly for a totally neat edge. It's as simply as that! No air bubbles to remove, no creasing and no filling down your nails too much as you file off the excess.

All in all the process is fairly easy though slightly messy as the strips are so sticky the excess piece can stick to your finger tips. But that can be overlooked as the stickiness really is what keeps them on for however long you want to wear them for without peeling at all! Finally no ultra annoying pulling at strands of hair as I wash my hair unlike with nail wraps. As for removal (which was after 5 days - they still looked perfect) I sadly gave up on nail polish remover as it wasn't budging them but luckily I chipped them off quite easily without damaging my nails. Hopefully this is down to the fact these are glitter ones but can't say for certain as I'm yet to try out the other opaque designs.

Overall I was really pleased with these and 100% be taking a few designs on holiday with me as the no liquid aspect and the fact they last so long is very appealing. 

If you love the look of nail wraps but find they aren't practical then you seriously need to give these a go! 

Fee xo.

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