eBay Bargains #13 - Winter Edition


1. White Rabbit Sweater (£1.77 + £5.99 p&p here
This quilted top looks like a mix of Zara and H&M, both brands I love! What I sometimes love about clothes on eBay is that you know no one else will have anything similar. Absolutely love this!

2. Daylight SAD Light Bulb (£5.48 here
Never did I think I'd be suggesting a light bulb! But for over a year now I've been using a daylight bulb in the lamp on my dressing table and not only does it solve the dilemma of that warm orange light that most ceiling lights give that make applying makeup difficult but it also can be used to help SAD (seasonal affective disorder) if used in two lamps. This can also be great for using in a lamp when blogging/writing as it gives less glare on the screen and makes reading text much clearer. As I currently have eye strain I will definitely be getting another one of these to replace my standard energy saving bulb next to where I use my laptop.

3. Compressed Face Mask Sheets x 12 (99p here
I love Korean beauty finds like this! These are strangely compact tablet shaped sheet masks that swell and expand when soaked in any solution. Which means you can apply a face mask or cream, soak one of the tabs in water and lay it over the face, creating your own sheet mask. Alternatively you could soak one of the tab sheet masks in toner or your favourite cream face mask, open it out and place it over the face. This is such a great idea!

4. Warm Knit Snood (£1.99 here
In winter I love snoods! They look great with most coats/items of clothing and unlike scarfs they always stay in place. The above snood has a lovely texture to it and comes in 5 different colours. I personally love the above grey but I'm very tempted to go for the red one. 

5. The Body Shop Hemp Hand Cream (£3.99 here)
Hand creams are a must in winter and this one is a good one. I can't say I love the herbal scent but it works, and it seems to work better than the other scents in the range for some reason.  A winter must-have!

6. Argan Treatment Oil for Body & Hair (£4.45 here)
Argan oil I've found to be one of the most nourishing oils and amazing on both hair (to de-frizz and nourish) and skin (so moisturising). You can even use it as a cuticle oil, on stretch marks and as an overnight treatment for the hair. So this truly is a multi-purpose oil. My hair really couldn't be without it now. 

If you have any theme suggestions for upcoming eBay Bargains posts I'd love to hear them! 

Fee xo.

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