My 10 Christmas Pet Peeves


Christmas is a time for joy and good will to all men... but lets face it's not all present un-wrapping and full bellies. It's about family dramas, being hit on the back of the heels with someones shopping trolley and presents not turning up on time, to name but a few things.

So today I thought I would express a few of my own pet peeves when it comes to the holiday period. 

The 'accidental' price tag keeper-onner 
Every family has one. The person that likes to show you how much they've spent on you by 'accidently' keeping on price tag/sticker, though of course making sure to peel off any reduced labels! They may even go "oh, I haven't left the price on have I? Oh dear, let me take it off" all after you've clearly seen it!

None festive 'Christmas' songs and films. 
Die Hard, James Bond and Brave Heart are NOT Christmas films. They are action films that are shown at Christmas time. Simple. It like calling Coke 'Christmas Coke' because people like to drink it more at Christmas. No, no, no. There's even a Facebook page entitled 'Die Hard is the best Christmas film EVER'. I despair. As for none Christmas-y Christmas songs, seriously what was "Mad World" about? It was actually a Christmas number 1 (you can listen to it here)?! Yes, it's a good/okay song but it's freaking depressing and not in the least bit Christmas-y. I just don't know.... 

Christmas haters
Okay, I get there are things to dislike about Christmas! People are annoying, Christmas music can get tedious etc etc. BUT there is the food, better TV, time off work, something to break up winter... plus of course presents, after Christmas sales and so much more. So I really can't stand when people say "I'll be happy when it's all over". Psh to them!  

Non Present Wrappers 
This is the person that thinks putting a stick-on bow on an unwrapped present is acceptable. Simply handing something over to someone as a gift seems very bizarre to me, but thankfully I don't have people like that in my life! I also dislike reading blog posts and watching videos that state because 'X' product comes in a pretty box it doesn't need to be wrapped. Just no! And don't even get me started on parents that don't wrap their children's Christmas presents?!

Blogs and magazines suggesting large or expensive products as Stocking Fillers 
If you Google search 'Christmas Stocking' you will see page upon page of standard stockings, I'm talking ones you hang by the fire that are no more that 40cms in size. So why year after year do we see stocking filler suggestions that are as big as a house and also costing the earth. The clue really is in the saying, filler presents in your stocking - cheap and small! 

Christmas StrobeLighting 
 I love me some outdoor Christmas lights, I can even tolerate tacky multi-coloured ones  But seizure inducing ones I cannot. Yes, lights comes with different settings but the flashing option shouldn't ever be used! It's annoying, in your face and just not needed! That's all I have to say about that one really.

Christmas Crackers 
How it is that crackers haven't evolved or got better over the years. Other than the plastic red bendy fish (which is still pretty rubbish) everything that comes in a cracker is pretty much guaranteed to be shit. It also the only thing that even if you pay more money for you are still get a load of old rubbish! You spend £10 more and oooo you get a metal nail file and a bottle opener. If a company came out with actual decent little gifts inside crackers and good festive jokes (such as - What do you call Miley Cyrus at Christmas? Twerky!)  I'm sure they would be a winner. 

Christmas shopping 
This is a pet peeve for many I'm sure. From the pushy shoppers that act like the end of the world is coming to the endless queues and incessant Christmas music; there's little joy to be had when Christmas shopping on the high street. Then of course it's ramped up a gear when it comes to supermarkets which are definitely a place to avoid in the days leading up to Christmas unless you have a death wish by trolley.

The Queen's Speech 
So this may be a tradition for many families but seriously how yawn-worthy is the Queen's speech? Also how un-christmas-y does the Queen actually seem! No paper cracker hat instead of her crown and always no smiles. I now skip the Queen's speech on Christmas Day and I'm all the better for it. Hopefully the Queen isn't reading this ;)

It goes too quickly 
Now this is seriously a first world problem but I was scraping the barrel for anymore pet peeves because I genuinely love Christmas and can't fault it too much. But yes, my final pet peeve is that I feel like December and Christmas comes and goes way too quickly! Each year I feel I should have got into the Christmas spirit in November because I blink and it's 5 days until Christmas! Also Christmas Day is much the same... we are leading up to that one day and *poof* the days been and gone! It really does happen all too fast for my liking.

Hope you enjoyed this humbug post! I'd love to hear your own pet peeves when it comes to Christmas! 

Fee xo.
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