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I'm back again with another Blogger Unwrapped post! This time I ask Adrienne from The Sunday Girl a few festive questions. TSG is an amazing blog for beauty reviews that I'm a huge fan of... it has enabled many a purchase. I'm sure you will love it so please do check it out!
Hi Adrienne, tell me what puts you in a festive mood?
 As I am sure it is the case for most but dusting off the Christmas Tree once again and making the home generally "Christmas" ready, that or Home Alone does the trick!

What do you want for Christmas this year? 
Surprise gifts are the best, it adds to the excitement and general buzz of the big day.

What do you buy for a £5 secret santa?
 I always think a few Lush bath bombs go down well, everyone seems to enjoy a good soak in the tub.(Find Adrienne's Lush Christmas 2014 post here).


How do you plan to spend Christmas day this year? 
The same as I do most years, in my Grandparents lounge playing board games, eating my body weight in good food while decked out in a super trashy Christmas themed sweater.

Who would be your ideal Christmas-lunch guests? 
As cheesy as it may sound it has to be my family. We are a tight knit bunch and I couldn't imagine it any other way nor would I want to.

What gift would steal your heart to open on Christmas day?
 A Mac Book Pro, a girl can only hope and dream!

If you could take a pre or post Christmas holiday where would it be? 
Cuba, I have made it my goal to visit before 2016.

Christmas tree – real or fake? 
Fake, I adore the scent of a real Christmas tree but not the mess.

What do you love to blog about come December? 
My blogging schedule so to speak doesn't change all that much throughout December but I do enjoy composing and reading Christmas wish lists. It is always nice to see what others would love to receive, if only for inspiration.

Really hope you've enjoyed this post! Please check out all Adrienne's links below. 

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Fee xo. 

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