Pre-Christmas Wish List


Just before Christmas there's that awkward period where you're unsure whether to treat yourself in fear of someone buying you the same thing come Christmas Day. This is especially hard when there's so many amazing gifts around and of course 3 for 2 deals - so very tempting to keep the cheeky 3rd free gift for yourself! 

However if you can't resist treating yourself then sticking to more festive focused gifts is a good idea. Below are just a few things that have caught my eye recently that I'm very tempted to treat myself to and know won't spoil anyone's Christmas present. 

Ciate Candy Cane House 
£25.00 - ASOS here 
So I may just have treated myself to a China Glaze Holiday set but as I'm obsessed with festive nail polishes, especially in gift set form, I'm now lusting after this wonderful Ciate set. This contains 4 amazing glitter nail polishes that I'd be sure to wear even when it's not Christmas... and really who can't resist that packaging! 

Guerlian Insolence 30ml EDP
£28.99 - The Perfume Shop here 
I adore many fragrances but my all-time favourite is Guerlian Insolence. With strong notes of violet this is a sweet and sugary kind of scent. It's just 'my' scent now. So as I've run out I will have to stock up on it and treat myself. It also comes in such a beautiful bottle. I should however point out that the eau de parfum is much nicer than the eau de toilette and both really do have quite different scents. Definitely worth having a smell of... you may just love it! 

The Great British Bake Off Christmas Book 
£9.00 - Amazon here 
I shockingly didn't watch The Great British Bake Off however this is a cookbook I need in my life. I love cooking but hardly ever cook from cookbooks but strangely will if it's a Christmas themed one... such as my loved Nigella Christmas book. The photography is stunning in this and all the recipes look so yummy. Will be getting this asap as a little treat to myself.  

Bronze Mercury Effect Glass Lantern 
£5.00 - Tesco Direct here or in-store 
I spotted these a few weeks ago in Tesco and was so tempted to get a couple but I somehow resisted. But as they've been on my mind ever since I'm sure I will get them next time I'm food shopping. What I love about this lantern is that it's a large chunky jar with a wonderful crackle effect that allows the candle you are burning to shine though and twinkle. You can also find the same lantern in blue here that strangely makes me think of 'Frozen'. Love a bit of mercury glass... so pretty. 

Thorntons Continental Advent Calendar 
£10.00 - Thorntons here
For 2 years in a row I've been disappointed with my choice of chocolate advent calendars. Last year was a Lindt one that I was excited about but found so repetitive and boring then the year before that was a Thorntons classic Advent Calendar (the one where you have your name iced onto a slab of chocolate) and was shocked at how cheap the chocolate tasted! So this year I'm opting for something I know I love... and that's Thorntons Continental chocolate. I love them all so I'm pretty sure I won't be let down this year. I also love how it looks and think £10 isn't too bad for a fancy advent! 

What products do you know are safe to treat yourself with before Christmas? Or can you resist?! 

Fee xo. 

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