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When it comes to books on makeup I've always been a little let down. With hundreds, if not thousands of titles on a variety of non-fiction subjects/hobbies you would think the beauty category would have many good resources. But sadly this isn't so... you just need to look on Amazon to discover many outdated books even dating back 10-15 years! 

But thankfully the true beauty gurus of today are acknowledging this and producing some amazing makeup books that the beauty obsessed can pour over and enjoy. Below are my ultimate makeup books that I can't fault and are worth every penny in my opinion. Any of these would make a great present for a beauty enthusiast or popped on to your own Christmas list! 

Makeup: The Ultimate Guide by Rae Morris 
£12.59 Paperback - Amazon here 
This is one of the first makeup books I ever purchased and was blown away by how much it taught me. Yes, a lot of the looks are on the avant-garde side, not for every day, but along the way you pick up some amazing tips that will stay with you... also the amazing photography makes this a great coffee table book. There's also a lot of practical information on anything from eyebrow shapes, how to contour correctly and how to achieve full lips. Plus surprising categories on Asian eyes and mature makeup which I found very interesting. Whether you just love makeup or you're an aspiring makeup artist this is an informative book you will be glad to have.

Favourites from the book - How to rehab your brows, eye colour charts, egyptian eyes tutorial, contouring section.

Pretty Honest: The Straight-Talking Beauty Companion by Sali Hughes
£11.00 Hardback - Amazon here 
My latest makeup read and one that is most likely to be on every beauty enthusiasts Christmas list this year. Written by the beyond knowledgeable Sali Hughes this is a beauty book like no other. If you are looking for a makeup book with lots of visuals then you may want to give this a miss but if you are after actual reading then you will get that in an abundance with this book. To me this is more of a book to read fully and then go back to for various things, such as tips on skincare. Unlike most makeup/beauty books Sali has a clear writing style that is intelligent and witty making for a really good read. Points are covered on anything you can imagine being associated with beauty -  how to manage makeup counters, salon etiquette and what to expect, hair problem solving, wearing red lipstick and even how to pay and receive compliments... something I think most of us are bad at! This book truly leaves no stone unturned. If you are looking for a new type of beauty read that cuts the crap then this is certainly the book to go for. Also it's a huge 330 page read!

Favourites from the book - The products you need now (and the stuff you don't), public displays of grooming, how to choose a perfume, managing counter staff. 

Jemma's Make-up Secrets by Jemma Kidd 
£17.00 Hardback - Amazon here
Another great makeup book is Jemma's Kidd's Makeup Secrets.  This is a book I constantly come back to as there is just so much to read and so many tips. I will admit I do find the layout of the pages a bit all over the place but if you can ignore that and enjoy the amount of information that is packed into the book then you will love it; plus the photography is so clear and up-to date. The book is split into two parts - Making makeup work for you and The problem solver. The first part takes up much of the book and really covers all aspects of makeup in good depth, from how to apply eyeshadow according to eye shape to achieving makeup looks of some iconic females in history - think Brigitte Bardot and Audrey Hepburn. There are just so many interesting sections in this books that you wouldn't generally expect from a makeup book. If you are looking for a vast makeup book full of ideas and inspiration then I highly recommend picking this up or putting it on your Christmas list! 

Favourites from the book - Entire section on eyes, how to wear colour, catwalk trends, Ava Gardner and Grace Kelly looks.

Hope you've enjoyed this little summery of my favourite beauty reads! 

Fee xo. 
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