eBay Bargains #6 - My Purchases


After quite a few eBay Bargains posts I thought it was time to share with you what I've purchased from the products I've featured so far. Because, well it's always good to see a blogger put their money where their mouth is... well in this case fingers (hmm not sure that works).

I really am a huge fan of eBay for everything and anything, but especially cheap beauty related buys! You sure as hell can pick up a bargain. So below are just a few products I've purchased from eBay that I'm pretty pleased with.


1. Eye Brush Set x 8 - £1.78 here - I've purchased many makeup brush sets on eBay from China and always been impressed. The set of 8, above, are my latest purchase and instead of going for blending brushes I decided to go for this set to apply eyeshadow, use under the eyes and with gel eyeliner. There are a few that I'm not so impressed with (a bit too still or not soft enough) but on the whole for under £2 the set is great. If you are after some finer brushes then I'd suggest trying these out. However if you are after some eyeshadow blending brushes then this (only £1.46) set of 4 are the best I've come across!

2. White Flower Crystal Statement Necklace - £1.79 here - As I've mentioned a few times I love picking up statement necklaces on eBay. I probably have way too many now but at under £2 I just can't resist! Above is my latest purchase that I just love - perfect for over jumpers in winter.


3. Owl Jelly Pumps - £9.90 here - These are a pair of pumps that I've had for nearly a year now and as you can see are still in great condition, even after a lot of wear, which is why I have a huge love of jelly pumps - they really do last! This particular pair are very similar to a collaboration with Jason Wu for Melissa which cost £40 so this is a huge saving and with owning many pairs of Melissa pumps already can say they are of exact quality! A budget pair of shoes that I absolutely love!

4. Elastic Knot Hair Ties x 10 - multicoloured 99p here or single colours 99p here -  A great bargain here that I was so pleased I came across. I ended up buying a set of the multi-coloured ties and also some brown hair ties to match my hair colour. These are great if you don't want to feel that tug on your hair or if you have thick hair to know they won't be snapping on you! Really comfortable to wear and just so much better than standard hair bands. 


5. Plastic 24 Tiered Lipstick Holder - £1.97 here - I seem to bang on about this lipstick holder on a weekly basis but it truly is the handiest piece of storage I've purchased and the price tag is just ridiculously cheap! As you can see the holder is tiered so displayed all of your lipsticks really nicely and will look great on your desk or in the bathroom.

6. Tony Moly Jelly Graffiti Top Coat - £2.54 here - This was another recent purchase as I can't resist trying out Korean beauty brands via eBay. Tony Moly is one of my favourite Korean brands so I decided to try on this unique top coat. Jelly Graffiti looks great over dark shades and I really don't own anything similar which says a lot as I own over 400 nail polishes! So many other glitter shades in this listing that I want.


7. East of India Bookmark - £2.39 here - Last but not least I recently decided to buy an actual bookmark instead of using random pieces of paper. I love East of India stationary in general and love this specific saying. Maybe a bit pricey for a bookmark but I really do like it. 7 other sayings available in the listing. 

What has been your favourite ever buy from eBay? 

Normal eBay Bargains back next week with a bumper Christmas edition - woop! 

Fee xo.  

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