eBay Bargains #10 - Under £2

ebay bargains
A very mixed bag today of some super bargains I've come across in the last week! Most of these would make fab Christmas gifts or just treats for yourself... because let's face it £2 is never going to break the bank.

Macaroon Jewellery Box (99p here) -  Isn't this the cutest?! At only 99p this is definitely my bargain find of the week. Sadly you don't get to choose a preferred colour but as all the shades are nice it's not too bad. I'm very tempted to get 4 or 5 of these and display them on a little plate on my desk to hold necklaces and rings in! 

Statement Rhinestone Necklace - G option (£1.84 here) - As I've mentioned before I love cheap statement necklaces from eBay. They are always the same quality as high street shops that sell statement jewellery but at a fraction of the price. This is a particularly lovely necklace that is perfect for this time of year, teamed with a jumper or shirt.  

Natural Rose Quartz Pendant for necklace (£1.89 here) - Another little jewellery find here that I was so pleased about finding. The listing contains a choice of 14 crystals that can be hung from any chain necklace... great if you have any pieces of jewellery you don't wear any more and can use the chain from. I really love the Rose Quartz the most - so pretty! 

Natural Wood Soap Holder (99p here) - Okay, this is a boring one but I had to include it because it's something I've been looking for for ages now! I've own so many soap dishes in the past and they all hold residual water or collect water underneath them... just not nice. But with this soap dish it's like a little draining board for your soap. The listing contains 7 different styles is both light and dark wood. 

Dog/Cat Bow Tie Collar with bell (99p here) - As we are approaching that festive time of year I thought I'd include these cute little bow tie collars! They really are very sweet and a great way to dress up your dog or cat without annoying it! 

12 x Hexagon Glitter Nail Art Set (99p here) - Last but not least an amazingly cheap set of nail art glitter. I actually bought a set of these last year and was amazed at the quality, the bottle are even glass. All the glitters are vivid and glossy plus quite a few of the colours are perfect for Christmas nails. Bargain smargain! 

What is your favourite bargain here? 

Fee xo. 

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