Christmas Decor Haul 2014


Oh yes, oh yes, it's that wonderful time of year again! Well it is if you're like me and obsessed with Christmas! As you can see I've been preparing early for Christmas as I've learnt my lesson from last year that the best decorations do sell out! 

Below you can find some of this year's Christmas decorations from Matalan and Asda (both I should note offer free click & collect) that are the best I've seen and pretty good value for money if you ask me! 


Baby It's Cold Outside Slate Sign 
£3.00 - Matalan here 
First up possibly my favourite decoration I purchased from this lovely lot! This wonderful sign looks rustic and handmade and is incredibly made from slate so it pretty weighty and solid. I'm personally going to hang this on a little nail in my kitchen I think, but it could also be propped up against anything. Really rather wonderful and only £3! 

Star Serving Dishes - Pack of 2 
£8.00 - Matalan 
currently out of stock (find in-store)
Two wonderful multi-purpose star shaped dishes here. Yes, you could be boring and serve nut and crisps in these but I personally think they are too pretty for that and will be opting to display either miniature baubles in them or even store jewellery or favourite makeup bits in them. Again these are really weighty and solid and the larger star is quite big. These really could be used for anything.

Merry Christmas Wooden Sign 
£3.00 - Matalan here
Another wonderful sign to hang up here. Again for the price this is excellent value for money and something I know I will bring out each year. However thankfully this is more lightweight so could be hung from a mirror or fireplace with some sticky tape. Really rustic and cosy looking. 
Pre-lit Heart Pearl Wreath 
  £8.00 - Matalan here 
This is the only hit and miss decoration I purchase. Yes, it looks super pretty and with the pre-lit lights it looks very festive and cosy. But there's is a but... Matalan decided to photoshop out the battery pack in the product images that turns out to be quite large indeed and needs to stay strapped to the wreath. It's bigger than the width of the wreath so there's nowhere really to hide it. I was in two minds whether to send it back or not but decided I will prop it up on a shelf or against a mirror and then place a decoration at the bottom of the wreath to conceal the battery pack. But other than that it's a lovely decoration that could be used any time of year.


Calendar Board Decoration 
£8.00 - Matalan here 
This isn't technically a Christmas decoration but with the Scandinavian look to it I thought it would easily be used to display the date in December and of course any time. I've seen many of these types of calendars generally with wooden blocks and always umm'd and ahh'd whether to get one as they look so pretty on a desk. But this slimline version with the boards sold me; though I also love the lace design to the front. Can be used all year round so I feel it's definitely worth the price tag.

Christmas Snowglobe 
£5.00 - Matalan here
Christmas wouldn't be complete for me without a new snowglobe! I've always been a fan of snowglobes and can remember as a child wishing I could be inside one where it snowed everyday. Generally snowglobes can be on the pricey side which is why my snowglobe last year was bought from Matalan and I got in early with this one. It's not musical but it's a lovely none tacky one with a reindeer and two trees, also the base is pretty nice too. Well worth £5!

Glitter Snowflake Tree Decorations 
£2.00 (pack of 6) - Matalan here 
Last product from Matalan are these lovely gilded silver snowflakes that are intended to be used as hanging tree decorations. However I have other ideas for them as I will be snipping off the threads and using them in Christmas blog photo backgrounds like I've done here or just randomly displaying them on my dining table or on a surface. For the price these are super pretty and well made. 

Asda George Home Bambi Cushion 
£7.00 - Asda here 
Ahhhh Asda have got it so right this year with bedding and home furnishings with this beautuful festive Bambi cushion being a great example! I wasn't in need of this cushion and I'm not even sure where I will be putting it but it was too cute not to snap up. The size of the cushion is good and to my surprise has a lovely soft velvet feel to it. I'm expecting this to be a huge sell-out! If you love this cushion as much as I do then I'd suggest ordering it through the website and collecting it for free from your nearest store. Also trying to resist buying this incredibly cute squirrel cushion here.

Asda George Home Red Scandinavian Duvet Set 
From £10-£14 - Asda here  
 This year I decided I needed myself some festive bedding! Normally I would have turned to Primark but as soon as my eyes landed on this set I knew this would be on my bed come December. You really can't beat the price and it's surprisingly soft. Also there are a few other nice festive designs available. 

What is your favourite item from my haul? I really can't decide what I love the most! 

Fee xo.
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