Beauty Blogging Woes


As a beauty blogger I'm continuously grateful and feel very lucky to have the readers and support that I do. The beauty blogging community is great and I'm truly honoured to call my blog part of full-time job!

But however much I'm aware I've got it good it's easy to have those 1st world problems and on occasion more serious problems/hang-ups. So today I thought I'd share a few of my own! 

The urge to swatch new products 
You have a exciting new product in your mitts and are faced with the question: To swatch or to not swatch. Resisting of course means perfect photos but if you aren't instantly photographing it avoiding swatching can be hard work! I do always wonder though how a select few bloggers have seemingly untouched products in favourites posts though... curious?!

It's easy to fall behind when blogging full-time  
I'm not the most organised of bloggers, in fact up until 2 months ago I use to blog for only the day ahead. I'm now steadily improving but still find it incredibly hard to keep up and find even having a few days off can making me slip back into having a stack of posts to write. As for actually going away on holiday I find it a bit of a nightmare and can get pretty stressed out by having to fit in writing extra blog posts!

You forget makeup
This is very much a woe is me one. Having so much makeup you forget products you once loved! I actually remember the sheer joy I got in buying the first ever UD Naked Palette and now a few years later the Naked 2 Palette lays unloved in a drawer. I always try my best to circulate makeup products but forgetting products will always happen.

People don't take beauty blogging seriously 
 Of course I'm not including everyone in this but a large majority of people just don't get blogging and that it can be a sustainable job. I know quite a lot of people that tend to forget that yes, I do have a job or what it is I exactly do. Is it forgetfulness, ignorance or people just not willing to accept the modern world? I really don't know. Even my own Grandad use to tell me when jobs were available at Asda?!

Too much skincare
With only one face too much skincare can be a bit of a nightmare. With the urge to try out new products and over complicate my skincare routine I can often suffer from breakouts. I now have countless cleanser and moisturisers that sit in my bathroom collecting dust.

It's easy to never switch off 
With blogging it easy to blog whenever without setting time limits or at least a time to switch off at night. I constantly find myself blogging well past midnight and even writing myself lists related to blogging in the middle of the night when I can't sleep?! This is one I'm currently trying my best to improve upon. 

If you're also a blogger what are a few of your own blogging woes? 

Fee xo. 

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