A Tesco Beauty Haul!


As for may have noticed I'm a little bit obsessed with finding beauty bargains on Tesco Direct... I'm also obsessed with shopping in my local Tesco that has a Beauty World section. So when Tesco contacted me offering me a £25 voucher to get spendy with, I was a little bit thrilled! 

Now I did spend over £25 in store but I decided to be as savvy as possible and picked up some amazing products that I'm so pleased I went for now. Tesco Direct do carry a lot of great beauty brands now, but if you do have a Tesco Beauty World near you then trust me, it's worth a visit! Compared to normal Tesco stores it has much more of a beauty hall look with actual stands and counters with brands such as Patisserie De Bain, Korres, Tigi, Butter London, Sleek, Clarins and Streamcream to name but a few.

Below you can find out what I picked up and possibly my best ever cleanser discovery...


 Nip + Fab Deep Cleansing Fix
£3.98 for 300ml - Tesco in-store of online here 
 Nip & Fab's Deep Cleansing Fix has been on my radar for a while; with so many great reviews online I knew it would be the next cleanser I tried out. So imagine my joy when I spotted it for under £4 in Tesco! This is seriously a massive tub so I couldn't quite believe it. Rambling aside and fast forward two weeks and this is possibly the best cream cleanser I've ever tried! Now I love my Organic Surge & Liz Earle cream cleansers but this with its light formula is just a dream to massage over the face and really work into the skin without it soaking in. This lifts off both face and eye makeup (even stubborn waterproof mascara) leaving the skin without as film or residue even when washing it off with warm water and your fingers, though a flannel is also lovely to use with it. I'm also quite addicted to the refreshing eucalyptus scent. Plus if that wasn't enough the cleanser also doubles up as a face mask, something I will definitely be reporting back on for you when I try it out!

Nip + Fab Bee Sting Fix Lifting Mask 
£4.98 for 50ml - Tesco in-store 
Next up I couldn't resist trying out something from the Nip+Fab Bee Sting range. As a lover of face masks this particular product really interested me and at under £5 I'd call it a steal. Actually as soon as I got home I tried this out and was instantly pleased with it. With a subtle honey scent the gel like formula smoothes over the face and gets to work plumping the skin. I was dubious about the lifting effect claims but as I washed it off my skin actually looked firmer and just more awake. Next time I will have to use it as an intensive overnight masks as it suggests on the back on the packaging.This is also a clear mask so no looking scary or having to avoid answering the door! Did you know that Nip & Fab are actually the offshoot brand of Rodial... who in fact have a very similar Bee Venom collection that starts at an eye-watering £115?! I know which brand I will be sticking to.


Happiness Is Coconut & Lime Paradise Hydrating Body Mist
£3.95 for 250ml - Tesco in-store
With two Happiness Is Hydrating Body Mists alreeady I certainly didn't need another. But as I was browsing I thought it couldn't hurt to test out all the other scents. This lead me to discover one of my favourite scents ever that I was hoping one day would come to me in fragrance form! This scent is the scent of the Soap & Glory Sugar Crush range - that yesty hit of lime and then the smoothness of coconuts. I really could go into raptures about how pleased I am in discovering this scent but I will spare you and just say that if you spot a Happiness Is stand in a Tesco store then please do have a smell of this scent. It truly is holiday's in a bottle.

L'Oreal EverStrong Shampoo
£5.99 (half-price on purchasing) - Tesco in-store 
If you've read Makeup Savvy for any length of time then you will know that the L'Oreal Ever Riche Nourishing & Taming Shampoo is a real favourite of mine. So I decided to branch out and try another shampoo from the range. I've yet to try this as I have more than enough in my shower at the moment but going off the scent it seems like it with be a fresh and energising shampoo. It's also free from SLS's which is a must for my scalp and hair now. I will be sure to talk about this again when I start using it.

Dead Sea Spa Magik Black Mud Soap
£3.58 - Tesco in-store or online here 
A re-purchase here and a soap that is much more than that for me. I will admit this does look like a very dull product and soap does seem out dated now. However this is a natural alternative to regular soap and great for anyone that finds conventional soap too drying or harsh. This is free from SLSs, artificial colourings and has an allergen-free fragrance. I personally love to use this in the shower on 'sensitive areas' as my skin can easily be irritated with SLS's and fragrance in products. I also use this to cleanse my face whilst in the shower. If you like soaps such as Sebmed or Pears soap then you will love this! 


Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish 
Glitter It and Rose Chic - £2.99 Tesco in-store  
Last but certainly not least I couldn't resist a few sneaky nail polish purchases with Christmas nails in mind. I love the Maybelline Color Show range so decided to pick up two glitters both with very different finishes. Glitter It is just a perfect top coat for over any festive shade as it's packed with holographic glitter pieces. As for Rose Chic I absolutely love this kind of finish, so delicate and sparkly. A definite new favourite! 

Well that was a much longer post than I expected it to be. I think I need to learn to reign in my rambling! 

Would love to know if you shop in a Tesco Beauty World Store and what products you like the look of here. 

Fee xo.
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