3 Recent Makeup Favourites


It may surprise you to know that I don't try out new makeup/products too often. Granted, I do own a lot of the stuff but these days I will ask a PR company not to send me the whole line of shades of a new range and I rarely rush out to buy new releases. My reason for this even though I LOVE makeup is because I realise I have enough and don't need to accept everything and anything to be a beauty blogger.

But recently I have been trying out a few new products and have been pleased with them all. So I thought it would be novel of me to talk about some actual new products for once! 


Dove Oxygen Moisture Root Lift Spray 
£6.99 - Boots here (on offer in Tesco) 
Finally finally a hair product that gives volume at the roots without feeling stiff or sticky! This was a product I was eager to try out due to it claims of adding moisture to the roots whilst also lifting them. I thought this may be good for my hair as it leans towards the dry side with annoying dry broken off strands near to the roots (I actually normally pull them out eep!) but also looks lift/flat on top... something I hate! Volumising Powders work but leave my hair ultra sticky and needing to be washed the next day, dry shampoo only give a little volume and tends to give me an itchy scalp and hair spray again makes my hair feel tacky and product filled. However Dove Oxygen Root Lift Spray just feels invisible on the hair but gives that lift to the roots I need. I particularly like the nozzle as you really do get to the roots and it's easy to spray your whole head. Of course if your hair is limp because it gets greasy easily then I'd totally stay clear of this but if you have dry but flat hair then this should work great. Now using this every time I wash my hair!

Yes To Grapefruit Dark Circle Correcting Eye Cream 
£10.39 - Big Green Smile here
In the past few years I've developed dark circles and slight pigmentation around my eyes. I've far from happy with this as makeup-free I now just don't look awake or ever bright eyed. I've tried countless creams but found highlighting creams to work the best to superficially brighten my under eye area (love the Lush Skin Tint and NSPA Illuminating Cream). But ideally I'd love a cream to actually reduce them. So for the past 3 weeks I've been using the Yes To Grapefruit Eye Cream as I've read many good reviews on it. All reviews state it's not an overnight miracle worker but over time and with daily use to should see a difference.... and I think I'm getting to that stage! I'm sure I see a difference when I apply the yellow tinted cream but no one else has reported that so I think that's just my wishful mind, however finally my eye area is looking a shade brighter and like I've had enough sleep! Points to mention are that it's grapefruit scented... I like it, but there's no need for it and even though it's a slim tube I can see this lasting 6 months + with daily use, so pretty good value for money. I will keep on using this and re-visit it with a review in the new year I think. But so far I'm finally pleased with a dark circle correcting cream.


Benefit Majorette Cream-To-Powder-Blusher 
£23.50 - Look Fantastic here
The blush that is certainly doing the beauty blogging round at the moment and has totally lived up to all the glowing reviews I've read. I already have quite the collection of Benefit boxed blushers and I'm definitely a fan but this new cream blusher from them has totally blown them out of the water for me... and actually made me feel they are over priced! The reason for this is Majorette is a multi-purpose product in that it can be worn alone or under other blushers to enhance them, it can be dabbed onto the lips to give a lovely tint, and if that wasn't enough the packaging is plastic and much sturdy (though I wish the top wasn't a sticker as I can see it looking grubby over time). I also find the orange/peachy shade to be so flattering on my skin and gives such a glowing and awake look without any shimmer. Plus how pretty is the embossed domed product?! If you are wanting a bit of a splurge on a cheek product then let it be this one! 

What have you been loving recently? Any fab new products you've come across? Let me know! 

Fee xo.

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