How To Get Your Blogging Mojo Back


Last month I came down with a case of what I like to call 'Beauty Blogger Burnout'. It's a known ailment in the beauty blogging world that can easily come on with self-pressure and also having a life... well in my case a lack of one, as I was ill! But thankfully it isn't terminal, I'm back on track now and it's given me some perspective on how to avoid it in the future and knowledge of how to get back into the swing of things.

So if you are feeling a little deflated by blogging or just lacking motivation to blog then this post is for you!

1. Ditch your blogging hang-ups
For me this was my lack of writing skills and also not being a blogger that talked about new products instantly. These insecurites though not huge have always been with me and just seemed to dwell on my mind when it came to blogging. Since get back into blogging however I've made a conscious effort to not worry about how ever sentence is phrased which has made me feel more positive about the posts I write and as a result I now write blog posts a lot quicker. As for not blogging about current releases I try to remind myself none of my readers have ever mentioned this and maybe it's something unique to my blog that people like. Whatever your blogging hang-ups I fully suggest consciously thinking of them in either a positive way or casting them aside as they only lead to negative mindset.

2. Get Motivated
When getting back to blogging it's beyond important to feel motivated and not like it's your duty to get back to it. This may be reading your favourite blogs or looking at popular posts on Bloglovin' or even just buying a new notebook to write ideas in. I personally decided to start my 'Friday Favourites' series as soon as I got back to blogging as I really wanted to be able to blog about non-beauty products on a more constant basis. This now excites and motivates me each week! It really is the little things that can help you the most sometimes.

3. Think Creatively 
Being creative is how blog posts are created; starting off with that initial idea, titling the post, photographing your products and then getting down to writing it. So it's great to have a brainstorm or sit down with a notepad and write down possible blog post ideas. Even branching out to new photo backgrounds and ideas of new series or monthly feateres. This really will make you want to get to it and be excited again to blog.
4. Avoid Self-pressure 
This was something I mentioned at the beginning of this post as I feel self-pressure without a doubt contributes to blogger burn out. We are all guilty of it in different areas of our lives but with blogging I feel it's even easier to fall into with the comparison of other bloggers/blogs. If you blog as a hobby there's no need to have X amount of blog posts going up per week or amazing photos that are magazine standard. Equally you don't need to be updating Twitter even daily if you won't want to/haven't the time or any social media for that matter (I haven't been on my Facebook page for over 2 years now!) or have a blogging schedule... I know I don't have one. We have enough pressures in our life from external sources so make sure to cut yourself some slack and enjoy blogging!

5. Reconnect 
If you haven't been blogging for a while you can feel out of the loop so commenting on blog posts you read/tweets from bloggers you follow are easy ways to get back in to the blogging world a bit more. Also doing tags on your blog (Blogger Love tag here and The Autumn Tag here) is a good way to be more open and personal with your readers. Plus replying back to comments can be a great way to connect with your valued readers.

Blogging can be such a rewarding hobby and is definitely worth not giving up on!

If you're experiencing a lack of passion for blogging at the moment I hope this has been helpful. I'd also love to hear any tip you may have. 

Fee xo.

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