5 Cheap Summer Scents


When it comes to fragrances I'm a tad obsessed! I love and own so many perfumes but to be able to treat myself to even more I love to seek out cheaper scents especially in summer. 

From body mists to perfume oils there are some great budget fragrance options out there. Here are 5 of my favourite scents this summer all under £15.00 and all something special!  

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely 
£14.65 EDP/30ml - Amazon here
This perfume has been a long time favourite of mine due to the wonderful fresh linen scent that has a perfectly powdery touch to it. Also the price point is great so I never feel I need to ask for it for Christmas/Birthdays - I can just buy it when I run out. Never will I be without this in spring/summer. Also love the delicate looking bottle.  


Victoria's Secret Coconut Passion Body Mist 
£7.87 240ml - Amazon here 
After a lot of hype around the VS Body Mists I decided to have a look on Amazon and came across this lovely coconut scent that was great value for money especially as they normally retail for $12 which is roughly £7.15. Though the longevity of body mists isn't great their size does make up for that and I really feel I can spritz this as much as I like. So glad I went for this scent now as it's such a lovely creamy coconut smell with the added tough of vanilla.

 Ted Baker Sweet Treat Purse Spray - Mia 
£15.00 10ml - Superdrug here 
More of a compact scent here that currently lives in my handbag. Ted Baker is one of my favourite fashion brands (obsessed with their bags!) so I was interested to see how their beauty and fragrance range would turn out. Mia is one of many purse sprays and even though it isn't my favourite... I feel it's the most grown up and 'fragrance' like of the range, I still love the look, size and longevity of the entire range. Favourite of the range has to be 'Polly' which is super sweet and fruity.

Happiness Is Vanilla Swirl Cupcake Hydrating Body Mist 
£3.99 250ml - Tesco Beauty Department (larger stores) 
I was so pleased when I came across this new brand in Tesco last month (it is actually a U.S brand I believe) and spotted their interesting range of body mists. I decided to go for a sugary sweet scent as they aren't as common as body mists and I loved the scent name 'Vanilla Swirl Cupcake'. This does wear off quite quick however I still love it and for the price it's such a steal. The scent is just what I expected; yummy sugary goodness that actually does smell a bit like cake! Will definitely be trying out a few other scents I spotted.

The Body Shop Perfume Oil 
£7.50 15ml - The Body Shop here  
Perfumes Oils from The Body Shop have always featured in my perfume collection because they are just amazing! Perfume oil for one just last on the skin and due to it being an oil you use so little... making the small 15ml bottles excellent value for money. Over the years I've had so many favourite scents but this year I've definitely loving Japanese Cherry Blossom. The Body Shop Body Mists are also worth checking out!

Another favourite that I forgot to mention is 4711 cologne... certainly not for everyone but worth a sniff in Boots as it's incredibly cheap and also unique (you can find it with the cheap teen/celeb fragrances!). 

What cheap summer scents are you in to? 

Fee xo.

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