Lazy Links #15


Lately I've been...

Not blogging as much! - After getting over being ill a few weeks ago I was raring to get back to blogging, I then realised my camera lens wasn't working - arghhhhh! Since then I've been trying to still use it but what was normally a 30 minute job is now a 90 minute chore just to get substandard images. This has made blogging seem a lot more of a task and not as enjoyable! I quickly need to decide whether to spend on a new lens or a whole new camera - bad, bad Nikon.

Confused by the beauty blogging community...  The beauty/fashion blogging community is vast and with lots of people you are bound to get personality clashes and bad eggs from time to time. So while I think having a community is great I realise we all can't like we other, however recently I've been seeing bloggers I used to respect and like 'fighting back' against 'trolls' that are also bloggers. Yes, we should all stand up for yourselves but Twitter now seems the new school playground for bitching and getting just deserts. I don't fully know where I'm going with this but I feel it's time everyone realised we are all adults who don't need cliques or gossip and justice/fairness can be something that is sort without Twitter! 

Concentrating on eating healthy... I'm back on track and feeling more positive about my new way of eating then ever before. I'm someone that has always been tempted to go down the quick fix route that is crash diets or just restrict calories of my normal diet. But after so much research from the internet and books on nutrition over the years I do truly know what a healthy balanced diet is and I'm finally putting it all into practice! Since upping my vegetable and fruit intake, cutting out processed food, switching to complex carbs and enjoying a lot more protein I've found all my old craving disappear (a strange feeling!). For the first time ever I'm seeing how it is a sustainable way of living that I really want to embrace.

Enjoying some great blog posts...  Dear Blogger, It's Okay here (Tiny Paint Pot), Leanne's clever and witty response to them annoying emails we get as bloggers here (Do Not Refreeze), Overcoming Self Doubt here (Jenny Purr).

Avoiding the Space NK summer sale... With Rococo nail polishes only £3 and a mass of reduced Laura Mercier products I am doing my very best to say away but oh, how I'm tempted! You can find the sale here... I can't help but also think that so many products would make great Christmas presents. 

Hopefully back to normal blogging very soon! 

Fee xo. 

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