Disliked Beauty Products #4


When it comes to talking about products I haven't got on with I'm always in two minds about it. I feel it's balanced to mention products I dislike from time to time, but also I could be encouraging someone to avoid a product they could actually end up loving. 

So for that reason I have tried to select products that have a clear reason why I don't like them. From products that don't do what they claim, to ones that I feel are a waste of money.


Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Facial Wipes 
After loving so many Yes To products I decided to give their cucumber facial wipes a go. Being 98% natural and claiming to be soothing I expecting to get on with them. To freshen up with they are fine but remove eye makeup with them and expect stingy eyes. I wondered if it was just me so I looked up reviews of these wipes and read so many comments on 'irritated/stinging eyes' after using the wipes. Not impressed from such natural seeming product! 

Benefit They're Real Mascara 
This is a mascara with so much hype around it, so I was pleased when I finally got to try it out. Yes, this does give lovely fanned out lengthened lashes but, arghhhh the brush?! I'm actually tempted to call it a torture device. With having fair eyelashes I have to make sure I wiggle the wand right at the base to ensure full coverage but the problem with this mascara is the brush is just too damn hard that it actually feels spiky and just plain ouchy! Also I feel the extra spiky end gets in the way as you apply the mascara, risking poking yourself in the eye. I've never had a similar problem and don't feel I have sensitive eyes. The brush just needs to be able less spiky and have more give/flexibility.

Seventeen Photo Flawless Primer 
 With discovering this has now been discontinued by Seventeen it seems a bit pointless rambling about it. So I will ramble about my dislike of rubbish silicone-based primers on the high street. Why do I dislike high street skin primers 9 times out of 10? Well they're just a bit 'meh'. They cover the skin in a oddly textured gel that gives a slightly-greasy feel, making foundation apply nicer but then you realise it doesn't smooth over imperfections or make makeup last any longer... in fact I sometimes feel like my foundation slips around more with a high street primer. I've long learnt to give high street face primers a miss.


 Palmer's Strong Roots Spray 
 From time to time I like to try out unusual but still cheap haircare products. So when I came across the Palmer's Strong Roots Spray I was intrigued and thought it would be worth giving a try. The spray claims to moisturise the hair and scalp, freshens hair and soothes tightness and itching. Yes, this does feel nice on the scalp and I could see it soothing tightness or itching however unless you have very dry hair at the roots it will leave you with greasy looking hair. I have tried using this in different ways - using less and even spraying it onto my Tangle Teezer and pulling the brush through the roots of my hair but still it leaves my hair looking limp and flat. I also really can't see how this gives stronger roots other than energising the scalp a bit. Plus the coconut and mint scent is very overpowering and can be smelt even after drying your hair and throughout the day I've found!

Ciate Orange Chocolate Nail Polish Remover 
I love Ciate products, I really do. But I cannot lie and say there is a point to this product. I'm sure we can all agree that nail polish remover smells, some more than others, but such chemicals cannot be masked with another scent. Which is what Ciate have tried to do... and failed at. The typical nail polish remover scent is still there, heady and a cough-inducing if you inhale too much but then there's a whiff of an orange scent (the other scents in the range are the same). This just doesn't make the nail polish remover any nicer to use or worth the £10 price tag. A big thumbs down from me. 

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Fee xo.
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