Everyday High Steet Makeup Staples


I realised this week that even though I'm constantly talking about makeup here on Makeup Savvy I don't often talk about what's actually in my makeup bag... well, Muji acrylic drawers. So today I thought I would share my makeup essentials. 

The products above get used every time I wear makeup and I just couldn't be without them. Plus most of the products I have been using for years and are re-purchases. 


Nivea Lip Butter in Caramel Cream 
£2.10 - Boots/Superdrug
This is the first thing I put on when I sit at my makeup table to do my makeup. So by the time I have applied all my makeup my lips are soft and ready for whatever lip product I've decided to wear that day. I have a crazy amount of lip balms but this is up there as one of my favourites. The texture of this is soft and buttery and the large tin makes dipping your finger in it much easier. There are quite a few flavours in this range but Caramel Cream (and then Raspberry Rose) have to be the nicest... infact the scent reminds me of Creme Brulee! 

Ted Baker Eyelash Curlers 
£8.00 - Exclusive to Boots 
Eyelash Curlers are an essential for me and it just wouldn't feel right missing out that step before mascara now. I am however quite fussy when it comes to eyelash curlers as a lot actually feel quite painful to use... I'm not sure why. But I have finally found the perfect pair with these Ted Baker ones. I've had these for over 16 months now and the pads have yet to see any wear which is impressive as my No7 pair before these would split within a year. The eyelash curlers just give a nice curl to the lashes and I can't see myself trying any othersin the future.

Bourjois Bronzing Powder 
£5.03 - Amazon here or Boots for £6.99 
My ultimate go-to bronzer! This is my daily contouring shade that I just can't fault. The beautiful Bourjois Bronzing Powder has been a staple of mine for so many years now as it's a great shade for pale skin and is free from any shimmer. I also love the smell and packaging! Just beautifully blended and soft and a joy to use.


Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Transparent
£3.99 - Feel Unique here or Boots
Over the years I have tried many powders - budget and high-end, yet I still always come back to this. This simple powder removes shine from the face without adding colour or giving a cakey look to the skin. I use this in the morning down my t-zone and it keeps my skin matte for most of the day. Just a cheap but super reliable translucent powder that I couldn't be without. 

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfect Concealer in Fair
£4.19 - Boots here
I wouldn't like to count just how many times I have featured this concealer on Makeup Savvy but I'm certain it would be a lot! This is my favourite concealer that I use every time I apply my makeup either on it's own or with a light pen-style/roll-on concealer. I find this creamy and medium-high coverage making it the best thing for my under eye area and dabbed on blemishes. This blends out well with fingers but I love to use it with either a sponge or fluffy eyeshadow blending brush for a flawless finish. If you have still yet to give this a try then make this the next concealer you buy!

What are your makeup staples from the high street? 

Fee xo.

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