Ciate Beach House Collection Set


With summer just around the corner (fingers crossed) Ciate have gone and done it again, creating an irresistible seasonal gift set for nail lovers. Much like Ciate's Doll's House Collection - here, launched in February this year, this is a set of 5 mini Ciate nail polishes housed in an ultra cute beach hut which is hands down the most creative packaging I have seen in a long while! 

Dare I wonder if there will be a Christmas Log Cabin Collection to create a little row of magical nail polish houses?!

Ciate Beach House Collection is an exclusive to Selfridges costing £20.00 here, containing 4 mini summer shades and a mini glitter top coat. These can of course be worn alone, mix and match, with an accent glitter nail or with the glitter top coat, making this quite a versatile set. Plus the mini sizes are ideal for summer getaways!


Polishes include - Pepperminty (see above), Knickerbocker Glory (fuchsia) , Hopscotch (vivid orange), Amazing Gracie (light pink nude) and Party Shoes (seen above).

 As with all Ciate nail polishes the five shades apply evenly and require only 2 coats. For how long they last before chipping I generally start to see tip wear first and that is without a top coat which is pretty good.
Unlike Ciate's Doll's House Collection, were I wasn't keen on the porcelain finish to the nail polishes, this collection corrects this. Glossy finishes for all polishes plus a glitter top coat to transform all shades and Ciate have even gone and fixed the awkward lid/door fastening by using a magnetic close this time round.

However I do get a slight sense that Ciate are re-using a few minis with this collection as shades such as Pepperminty and Party Shoes could be seen in the Ciate Christmas 2013 Mini Mani Month Calender. Which is fine as all the shades are summer appropriate but unlike the Doll's House collection I really don't feel all shades could be worn at the same time for a mismatch effect that would look good.

All round a nice treat for summer that will update your summer nail polish wardrobe and look great displayed on a shelf or desk! 

Fee xo.

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