Catch up - Holiday Ramble, Personalised Makeup & A New Blog!


I'm back, I'm back! 
To ease myself back in to blogging, as it seems like I've been gone for way more than just a week, I thought I would write a rambly catch up post. 

  First up my lovely holiday! This time last week I would have been either eating breakfast al fresco or already sunning myself on the beach with a book. This gives me a serious case of wanderlust as it was all over too quickly, but it was just what I needed. For the first time in my adult life I managed to fly without anxiety... in fact I even enjoyed the flight (giving myself a bit of a pamper mid-flight and watching The Secret Life of Walter Mitty) which started off my holiday on such positive note. Lanzarote (specifically Costa Teguise) is a perfect holiday destination and one I will be returning to next year.

Treats to me.... from me! 
 A holiday isn't without a few treats and even though prices for cosmetics/fragrance are generally slightly higher in the Canary Islands I manage to pick up Roberto Cavalli Just Cavalli for €20: a fragrance I've wanted to pick up for the last year. Truly tacky bottle but such a lovely scent.


Personalised Hoola 
 Just before going on holiday I received a wonderful parcel from Benefit containing my own personalised Hoola Bronzer?! I may have stared at it for a good 5 minutes.... I mean seriously, how cool? This of course went on holiday with me and got used daily. I've had so much love for matte bronzers recently so I'm sure there will be a post on my favourites very soon.

 A Week in the World of Beauty 
On arriving home I realised just how fast the beauty industry moves at. I missed the launches and sell outs of two incredible beauty boxes - the Selfridges Beauty Product Box and British Beauty Blogger's 3rd beauty box with Latest in Beauty. Models Own launched two new shades in their Fruit Pastel collection - Peach Melba and Coconut Cream here and a new top coat to the HyperGel collection here. Plus I also came home to discover Makeup Savvy had made Look Magazines Top 20 Beauty Blogs?! Whaaaaaaaaaa! Month, made.

Book Savvy
Feeling motivated and a new blog!
  Whilst on holiday I was laptop-free which actually encouraged me to relax and indulge in my love of reading. It also made me want to jot down ideas with an actual pen... anyone else nearly forget how to write because typing 99.5% is just so much easier? For up coming posts on Makeup Savvy and new projects. Just writing down ideas motivated me so much and after speeding through 3 books in 7 days it seemed the right time to create the book blog I had been umming and ahhing about for the past 6 months. So as soon as I got home Book Savvy was created!

  I have quite a bit to do on it but you can see the bare bones of it here. I'm so excited for this but also nervous as grammar/writing aren't my strong points but I absolutely love reading and discussing books so I'm not letting these niggles hold me back. I'm hoping Book Savvy will be a place for mainly contemporary fiction and bestseller reviews plus lots of book related posts! 

I think I'm all caught up now. Beauty posts back on track as of tomorrow! 

Fee xo.

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