Hydrangea Nail Art with the New Models Own Nail Art Tool Kit


Today I thought I'd start off the day with some pretty floral nails I created yesterday with the new Models Own Nail Art Tool Kit! 

The nail art brush set gave me a push in the right direction to stop being lazy with my nails and create something with a spring theme... and I will admit I was pleased with how my nails turned out, but more of that later! 

The new Models Own Nail Art Tool Kit (£8.00 - Models Own website here) is yet another addition to their fast expanding nail art range with a set of 6 brushes, 2 of which are double ender. The set caters to most creative requirements when adorning the nails with nail art from essential dotting tools to a handy striping brush and even clear nail art tape to experiment with!


Nail Art Tool Kit includes:
  • 2x Duo Dotting Tools – Use to create dots in various shapes and sizes
  • Short Detailing Brush – Use to paint controlled small details, designs and shapes
  • Fan Brush – Use to create feather effects, colour fade and ombre designs
  • Flat/Wide Brush – Use for wider line drawing, detailing and filling in
  • Striping Brush – Use to create intricate stripes and lines
  • Nail Art Tape – Use for high precision lines, shapes, colour blocking and details

Floral Hydrangea Nail Art... 
 For my pretty floral nails I started with an opaque white base with Models Own HyperGel White Light and a coat of Seche Vite to harden it fully before applying nail art. Then taking the largest Models Own Dotting Tool I added large splodges to my nails using Models Own Cornflower Gleam to create the basic bloom shape. I then went back in with the smaller opposite end of the dotting tool and HyperGel Lilac Sheen almost denting and pulling up the coat of tacky nail polish underneath to add texture. I then left the flower nail art to dry and used the short detailing brush to carefully paint on the leaves with HyperGel Turquoise Gloss. Once my nails were fully dry I then went back over the flowe detail with a small clean dotting tool to add more texture! This process has never occurred to me before but it worked perfectly to add more texture and a 3D effect! 

 Overall thoughts... 
This is a great all round nail art kit that offers everything you would need. However with a bit of searching on eBay I know I could find similar brushes for half the price... so at £8 the set is overpriced in my opinion. As for the quality the brushes have strong flexible tips which makes for precise nail art, though only time will tell... generally there is some wear after a few months with the use of acetone to clean them. The only brush I would ditch from this set would be the fan brush as it's doesn't give the nicest results and I feel it's just there as a bigger more substantial looking brush. All in all a nail art set I really can't fault! 

Question of the day - What is your favourite Models Own nail polish? Mine has to be Pink Punch. 

Fee xo.

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