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With the dreaded Hay fever season only a month away and as a suffer of allergies (cats are my nemesis) I thought today I would write a thorough run down of all the products I have found to be of use.

My main problem is dry, itchy eyes so over the past few years I have tried endless products and now feel I can recommend some highly effective products. From gels you can apply first thing in the morning to on the go solutions that won't ruin your makeup!


Cooling Eye Gels 
 Eye gels are a great way of cooling down the eye area instantly to reduce the feeling of needing to itchy your eyes and that dry feeling that the skin can have after overly rubbing them. Gels are also perfect to use in the morning for tired eyes and can also be kept in the fridge which really makes a difference. 

Organic Surge Eye Gel 
£8.49 - Organic Surge here 
This was my first venture in to eye gels after finding eyecreams too heavy and not that affective. This 97% natural gel is light and cooling and aims to reduce puffiness, making it ideal for the under eye area where fluid can collect. Especially great for sensitive eyes and can be kept in the fridge for a better cooling effect. 

Arran Aromatics Green Tea Eye Gel 
£3.50 - Arran Aromatics here or House of Fraser here
My favourite cooling gel and at such a bargain price! This little pot is my go-to product to ease irritated eyes and works best when kept in the fridge - this literally feels so cool on the skin! With a light green tea scent and so easily absorbed into the skin this is my favourite topical product to use when my eyes need instant relief. 

Optrex Eye Revive Smoothing Roll-On
£12.99 - Tesco here
Metal roll-on eye gels are my favourite to use before applying makeup. They are great to roll over the under eye area and along the cheekbones to make my eye area feel more awake (I also use this specific product on my temples to ease headaches). Cheaper alternatives to this can be found in discount shops which work just as well!


On-the-go Moisture Products 
Eye drops seem the most obvious answer to dry, uncomfortable eyes however I personally find them difficult to apply and using this when wearing makeup is a no-no. However I have finally found two products that have been a godsend during the day and make the most amount of difference to dry eyes.

Lumecare Long Lasting Tear Gel 
£4.18 - Amazon here or Boots  
 Without a doubt the most helpful product I have used to combat itchy, dry eyes. This literally makes the world of difference and now I would just never use traditional eye drops. The tear gel is simply placed in the eye by slightly pulling the lower lid down and is dispersed by blinking. The gel formula makes this incredible easy and unlike liquid eye drops no products runs out of the eye meaning this is a great product to use when wearing makeup. Once the tear gel is used the eyes feel instantly hydrated and well lubricated, which lasts so much longer than eye drops. This can also be used at night to help dry eyes the following day, perfect for dry eye suffers or anyone with hayfever.

Optrex Eye Revive Moisture Mist 
£12.46 - Amazon here 
Another great product to use on the go to give the eyes a little boost. Not as amazing at the tear gel above but a great product to use in public situations as a single spritz over closed eyes is all that is needed. This is also especially great for contact lens wearer as the product doesn't come into direct contact with the lens. Again this provides immediate relief making the eyes feel more comfortable. A must if you are on the go.


Even with the best eye care products to sooth irritated eyes they can be left looking red and sore. For bloodshot eyes specific eye drops can really help but a good concealer and nude/white eyeliner can work wonders. Here are a few of my favourite eye brightening products.

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer 
£4.19 - Boots here or Superdrug
This has to be the most talked (and raved) about concealer on the internet, and for good reason! Lasting Perfection Concealer is a great high coverage concealer for under the eyes and just next to the eyes where redness can develop. A total staple concealer for me. 

Maybelline Cover Stick 
£3.99 - Boots here 
Quite a recent purchase here and one I was actually disappointed with as an actual concealer...  just not enough coverage for blemishes and too thick for under the eye. However I tried this as an eyeshadow base, just a small amount patted over the lid which I found to really reduce redness.

The Body Shop Eye Definer in White 
£8.00 - The Body Shop here 
The bottom waterline of the eye can appear very red if there is a lack of moisture which can make the eyes look overall more red and sore. So a good nude or white eyeliner on the waterline can work wonders. The Body Shop Eye Definer is a good staple and lasts well on the waterline. A must if you want to help conceal red eyes.

Hope this has given Hay fever and generally allergy suffers a few product suggestions that work! 

Fee xo.

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