Beauty Favourites (Part 2) - March 2014


Part deux of my monthly favourites and I have some amazing highstreet skincare products to share with you! Plus some great extras with a nail care product that literally saved my nails last month and a bodycare favourite of mine. 

If you are a blogger and have a favourites post up for last month I'd love to have a read, so make sure to leave your links in the comments.


Bioderma Sebium H2O Micelle Solution 
£4.50 - £9.99 - Escentual here 
With quite a collection of micellar waters now (my stash includes ones from L'Oreal, Garnier and Avene) I was interested in trying one for my oily/combination skin. To me this feels like a two in one product - a makeup remover and toner perfect for removing makeup when I have blemishes or feel my skin in over oily. The cleansing water removes makeup effortlessly even on the eyes and leaves the skin feels that bit fresher than using a standard micellar solution. I also discovered that the solution could be used on the chest and back and as I do tend to get blemishes in these areas I have been trying to keep up with applying the water on a cotton pad each night to see if it makes a difference. I'm sure I will be giving this a full review in the next month or so. But thoroughly impressed so far.

Super Facialist Vitamin C+ Skin Renew Cleansing Oil 
Now £7.99 Was £10.99 - Boots here
When it comes to oil or cream cleansers I like to set time aside for them in my evening cleansing routine and this has been the one I have been absolutely loving and having a lot of time for recently. This highly orange-y scented fluid cleansing oil is just such a gorgeous product to use and enjoy and cleanses the skin beautifully. The Cleansing Oil is described as brightening though I can't say I have seen this however you can just feel how it nourishes the skin as it removes all makeup. It you are looking for a new cleanser and love good quality skincare ingredients then you will probably love this... a lot! Also the real orange scent makes it feel like a spring/summer skincare product. 

Good Things Manuka Honey Radiance Face Mask
£5.99 - Boots here 
My first venture in to white clay masks and I couldn't be more pleased. Good Things is already an affordable skincare brand I love but this may just be their star product for me! The benefits of a white clay mask besides from looking less scary than a normal clay mask is that white Kaolin is the mildest clay used in skincare and therefore suitable for sensitive skin. This also draws out impurities in the skin like a typical clay mask and gentle exfoliates giving a brighter look to the skin. This is a hard setting mask that isn't the most ideal if you are wanting a pamper session but it you are after a spring/summer clay mask then this is perfect. So far I've used the mask a handful of times and love how it leaves my skin, I'm especially drawn to using it when I have a few blemishes as I know it will zap them in size. Also love the smell of this sooooo much, you can really detect the Manuka Honey in it!


Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Body Buttercream
£10.50 - Boots here
With bare-leg season, i.e summer, fast approaching I have been on a mission to butter myself up whenever possible - mainly after showers and before bed. After showering I'm very into body oils as they glide over damp skin so easily but for nighttime I like a thick body butter that I can enjoy rubbing in and something with a yummy scent. The Smoothie Star ticks both boxes for me and really is lovely to use. The smell of this is beyond amazing and the texture is so buttery and smooth. This has left my legs feeling so much smoothier and looking nicer, just in time for the nicer weather! P.S - Also have my eye on the S&G Sugar Crush Body Buttercream for summer as it smells soooo zingy and fresh. 

Models Own Speckled Egg Nail Polish in Magpie
£5.00 - Models Own here or Boots 
Last month was a month of new nail polishes for me, with literally not enough fingers to try them all out! Yet I didn't really want to after applying Magpie from the new Models Own Speckled Egg range and falling in love. This speckled formula is ideal for spring but mixed with the turquoise shade it is just amazing and really does look perfect on the nails. You can see full swatches of Magpie here in my post of the new range.

Orly Nailtrition
£7.75 for 9ml here, £10.99 for 18ml here - Amazon
A product here that I received from the lovely Tanzina (her blog here) and something that totally saved my nails in March! This god send of a product actually prevented my nails from peels and breaking after a week of excess nail painting and removing from outside Makeup Savvy work. My nails natural response to excessive use of nail polish remover is to start peeling at the end and become bendy then brittle... which is when I start to see my nails snap off but with continuous use of the Orly Nailtrition polish once or sometimes twice a day if I could be bothered I saw none of that for the first time in a year! My nails are now still a good length and without any peeling at the tips. I used this as peeling was starting to develop so would say this does correct weak nails. My only negative about the top coat would be that it does have a light pearl pink sheen to it which it could do without.

Hope you have enjoyed reading through my favs for last month! 

Fee xo.

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