99p Beauty Bargains on eBay


Today I thought I'd share with you some amazing budget finds on eBay and when I say budget I mean budget! All of the products you see in this post are only 99p... with free delivery?! 

This is actually something that blows my mind with eBay, well the products you can find on there. How can something be sent for under £1, international? When the price of a small 2nd class parcel is £2.80 with Royal Mail! It really is craziness... but craziness I love!

15 Pack of Nail Art Brushes 
99p here 
I purchased a set of nail brushes very similar to these almost 2 years ago now and still use them! Really good quality and a wide range of brushes. 

Decorative Cake Contact Lens Case 
99p here 
How cute?! I now wear throw away daily lenses but I'm tempted to purchase this still! 

Travel Perfume Atomiser 
99p here 
These are great and for 99p you even get a fancy looking one. Perfect for storing a small amount of your favourite perfume in, for your handbag or when travelling. 

Natural Konjac Sponge
99p here
A sponge made from a type of asian potato that has been used for over a century in Japan. These are hard to come by in shops and retail for £5+ online so this is quite a bargain and worth just giving a go. I know I'm tempted!  

12 Mini Nail Art Glitter Bottles 
99p here 
I purchased these teeny bottles of glitter last month and will admit I purchased them more for their cuteness than anything else! For only 99p you get 12 little glass bottles of amazing glitters - such a bargain. 

10 Pack Flexi Hair Ring Bobbles
99p here
Basically the invisibobble x10! A set of 3 normally costs £3.75 so this is an incredible bargain. Already ordered these. 

  Cookie Pocket Mirror 
99p here
A nice little gift or something cute for your own handbag. I love sweet like kawaii items like this that can be found on eBay. 

Pump Dispenser for Nail Polish/Makeup Remover
99p here
Another recent purchase here, well a multiple purchase as I plan to store nail polish remover in one and micellar water in the other. These dispensers are just ingenious for using with cotton pads. 

Cherry Blosson Makeup Pouch 
99p here
A cute little makeup bag I stumbled across that I thought was just the right size for keeping in your handbag for makeup essentials. 

  Crushed Shell Nail Art Wheel
99p here
Crushed shells are the latest in nail decoration and this wheel covers every colour - I love the look of the peach and mint shells the most. The listing also has 19 other wheels available all at 99p! 

Hope you've enjoyed my bargain finds! 

Fee xo.

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