£1 Macadamia Oil Extract Foot Pack


When it comes to foot care I'm super lazy! Toenail painting is a bi-annual affair once nail polish has chipped off and even though I intend to use foot creams I rarely do. 

Which is why I thought I would try out this interesting foot pack that I discovered in Pound World for a mere £1.00 (you can also find them on eBay here for £2.50 - which is still worth it in my opinion). 

This really is a product for the lazy, yet it also makes so much sense! The Macadamia Foot Pack basically consists of 2 treatment boots that you wear for 20 minutes. This is a no-mess treatment that you can use whilst watching TV or even when washing up if you so wish. You don't even need to wash your feet after using the boots either! 


So this week as I was sat blogging I thought I might as well try out the foot mask. First let me explain how I did intend to document this with images however once the plastic booties where on my feet I realised how ridiculous they look and also how creepy it would be to photograph my feet in them! These really aren't something you would want to answer the door in or even walk about too much in due to your feet slipping about in them.

The Product
As you can see above the inside of the boots contain a foot cream against a thin fibre style cloth making them comfortable to wear. Once on the feet you do notice how the boots almost stay against the skin due to the foot cream. Fast forward 20 minutes you simply take off the boots and leave your feet to dry or rub in the small amount of remaining cream. This was when I noticed the shea butter and menthol scent for the first time and on looking at the packet discovered the ingredients include Shea Butter, Peppermint, Tea Tree, Rosemary. Lavender and Thyme. 

After using the mask I instantly noticed how much softer my feet felt especially on the heals and surprisingly the tops of my feet. Without a doubt more softer than when using a foot cream and actually something I'd prefer to do.

I'm so pleased I decided to try out this foot mask and will definitely be re-purchasing and even taking a sachet to use on holiday next month! 

Fee xo. 

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