My Nail Polish Wall


Finally I get to share with you my nail polish wall!

This post has been a long time coming as I stalled on painting the shelves and organising all my nail polishes... well I say all, but I could have done with another shelf or two it now seems?! 

I thought I would share with you this part of my makeup room so you can mainly swoon with me at the prettiness! But also to inspire a few of you looking for a good nail polish storage solution. This was a total DIY project that cost only £30 to make and is fairly simple to do. 

However if a DIY project isn't for you but you like the look this gives, you can opt for Ikea Ribba Picture Ledges (£8.25 each here) which are just a little shorter (by 7cm) than my own DIY shelves.


To create the shelves you do need some DIY expertise but it definitely is a simple enough project. You will need unpainted wooden batons of your desired length from a hardware/DIY store (the ones I purchased were 122cm and of course deep enough for a nail polish to sit on it), a drill, a spirit level and pencil, long screws, wood filler and satin wood paint.

To start I would suggest pencilling where you want the shelves to go by using a spirit level and tape measure to make sure the shelves will be straight and evenly apart. This will take some time but you need to get it correct! Next you want to drill the front of the batons to the wall using 3 long screws for each. This is easier to do on a structural wall than a studded wall so you should keep that in mind when deciding where you want the shelves. Once they are up you will need to take some wood filler and fill in the screw holes, using a knife or wallpaper scraper to make it flush with the wood. Then all you have to do is paint them! This makes it sound quite simple but it actually is. You just need to make sure you hold the batons level and to go slow as you are drilling as you will be going against the grain of the wood and don't want to split it.

I'm so pleased with how the shelves turned out and can't believe they hold so many nail polishes! I was tempted to organise them in colour order however for ease I decided to place them on the shelves by brand. 

Another nail storage post to come soon on the rest of my nail polishes and nail art and nail care supplies! 

Fee xo.

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