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As I didn't have many favourites from February I decided to write a 'Currently Loving' post, especially as two of the products I've only been using in the last two weeks though quite religiously. 

I feel my product choices here may look a little bland however these are all things I'm sure I will be still using in 6 months time.

Urban Decay Naked Basic Palette 
£20.00 - Beauty Bay here  
At the end of January I finally caved and purchased the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette. I was sure I'd love it due to swatches I'd seen and I knew it would be perfect for travelling with. However I didn't anticipate just how much I'd love it and be using it! Naked 2 has been left redundant for the momeny as the Basics palette has become a day-to-day makeup staple. My daytime eye consists of Venus over the lid, and then Naked 2 and a little amount of Faint (also good for brows) blending into the crease. I also love using Crave on an angled liner brush smoked into the lash line. Just a perfect palette for daytime looks and my favourite of the 3 palette for pale skin so far.  

Organic Surge Orange Flower Toner 
200ml/£6.50 - here 
In the past 2-3 months I have had a total overhaul of my skincare routine and the last product I hadn't got spot on was a toner. So I was pleased when the new Organic Surge Toner dropped though my door as I've always got on well with their products. From first use I could tell I was going to like the toner as it was so fresh and uplifting to the skin - no nasties here! Since mid February I have been using the toner daily even during the day when not wearing makeup just to awaken and hydrate my skin from over using central heating. This isn't a miracle product but a great multi-purpose toner for using after cleansing to make sure all residue is removed and to also freshen the skin in the morning and during the day.
 The smell of this is also great - perfectly light and with a natural uplifting orange flower scent. 


Elemis FreshSkin Quenching Lip Balm 
£5.99 - Amazon here
 With a lip balm addiction I'm constantly trying out new lip balms and for the month of February into March this has been my go-to favourite. This zingy peppermint lip balm is more greasy than I'm use to however that is why I love it so much. The applicator and formula just glides over the lips giving them a glossy sheen and non-sticky feel. The lip balm soon gets to work and within minutes my lips feel smooth and soft. 

Lumecare Carbomer Eye Gel 
£2.66 - Amazon here or Boots 
Quite a random favourite here but one I needed to mention as I'd never even heard of such a product before I came across in it Boots looking for new eyedrops. Over the past few years I've developed drier eyes from allergies and wearing contact lenses so before applying makeup in the morning I like to use eye drops, which generally miss and roll down my face or flood my eyes making my vision a bit blurry for a minute or so - I just haven't got use to them. However Lumecare Carmbomer Eye Gel, also known as Long Lasting Tear Gel is just what I needed. Instead of a liquid dropper this is a gel that you drop/place into the bottom lid space meaning no drenched face ever again. On top of this, the eye gel lubricates the eyes so well that you can instantly feel a difference, which lasts pretty much all day. If you suffer from dry, tired or itchy eyes then I couldn't recommend this enough.

Lanolips Lip Ointment with Colour in Apples 
£8.16 - Boots here
 A true nourishing lip care product with colour! Lanolips Lip Ointments are genuinely my favourite thing to wear on my lips during the day as the formula is so comfortable and nourishing, plus the shade range is so perfect. 'Apples' is a wonderful pigmented yet sheer red lip colour that is perfect for a fresh look and lasts well on the lips. I've tried nothing similar to this in that way that it's an intensively nourishing lip balm but also a lip colour at the same time. I can see myself buying up the whole shade range!

 If you have a favourite post up for February make sure to leave the link below for me so I can have a read. You can never have enough product recommendations! 

Fee xo. 

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