Lazy Links #12


This week I have been...  

Loving blogging... At the end of January after a pretty rubbish month in general I was feeling a bit deflated with my blog. I was posting for the sake of it and was out of ideas. So I decided to look back through my archives at what I was posting this time last year and to my surprise it really inspired me to think up more creative post ideas and get back into taking more interesting images. So far this month I have been absolutely loving blogging and feel excited for each week's upcoming posts!

Eating healthier... Last week I decided it was about the right time to start getting back into eating healthier and losing some weight before summer comes along. I'm not following any particular diet just making sure my portion sizes are correct, consuming less sugar and carbs and upping my protein a bit. So far so good, though as with all diets it's keeping it up and not getting bored! One book I have my eye on to help with low-carb meal ideas is Low Carb Revolution by Annie Bell here. Some foodie posts to come in March maybe!

Reading lots of great blog posts as always...  A Letter to Naked 3 here (Blush & Brunch), The Spoon Theory here (Actually Dolly), Which Brush Does What here (The Beauty Department), Being Proud to be a Blogger here (Like Neon Love), Makeup Collection & Storage here (I Covet Thee).

Writing for the Avon blog... which some of you may not know I do! From time to time I create nail posts for Avon and last week I came up with a Valentine's themed nail look. Valentine's Day has obviously been and gone but the nail art was definitely spring inspired and also shows a technique of how to create easy floral nails. You can find the post here.

Loving soap again... I think I'm seriously 25 going on 65 with my soap collection at the moment. I'm actually looking for a good soap bowl on eBay as I type! I've recently got back in to using facial soaps with Dead Sea Spa Black Mud Soap (review here) though Cor Silver Soap will always be my star facial soap. As for all over soaps, I've been raving about Lush Porridge Soap just last week here and I'm currently lusting after Bronnely's Lemon & Neroli Soap after reading this post from British Beauty Blogger.

 Discovering a few new YouTube channels... Just discovered Leaf here - a lovely DIY lifestyle channel. As well as FouseyTube here - a fun prank channel. Also enjoyed watching Guys Guess the Price of Makeup here... men seriously don't have a clue do they!

I've also finally got around to fully painting my nail polish shelves this weekend *pats self on shoulder*. So a nail polish storage/collection post will be coming up this week! 

Hope you are all having a lovely relaxed or productive weekend! 

Fee xo.
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