NOTD - W7 Pink Debris


Finally completely back on the blogging train and thought I'd share with you some pretty nails today! 

This is a lovely budget nail look with both polishes costing under £2 from two of my favourite low cost brands - Sinful Colors and W7. 

W7 Pink Debris was in fact a Christmas gift from lovely fellow blogger Maxi (who has a new blog to follow here!) and a glitter totally up my street. I mean who couldn't not like such a pretty mixture of glitters! As you can see this is a glitter top coat to be worn with a base coat, which applies evenly and only needs one coat. 

The actual glitter is made up of light pink hexagons and smaller holographic flecks that make this look like fairy dust on the nails! I actually wish it was called 'Pixi Dust' or something more magical sounding than Pink Debris.... but you can't have everything especially when it's a £1.85 nail polish!


For any delicate glitter manicures like this I always opt for Sinful Colors Easy Going (Boots - £1.99) as the base shade due to it not being as harsh as a white base or as sheer as a french manicure shade. It's just somewhere in the middle and lets the top coat shine and take center stage in a delicate looking way which I really like. Though Pink Debris could definitely be used over a black base for a totally different look or over a wide range of pink/rose gold shades. 

You can find Pink Debris at various W7 displays in Body Care or online at The Cosmetic House for £1.85 here

Another wonderful nail polish from W7! 

In fact I may have to do a W7 nail polish collection post very soon as it's such a cheap brand for unique nail polish shades and glitters. 

Fee xo.
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