NOTD - Deborah Lippmann Superstar


Amazing nail polish alert! 

Featuring Deborah Lippmann polishes on Makeup Savvy doesn't seem that... well savvy really! At £18 they are beyond pricey, but in my defence I did pick this up in TK Maxx with two other DL shades for only £5?! Of course TK Maxx stock always varies but if you are a nail polish lover than that is the place to check out! 

But as the original price is £18 (from Look Fantastic here) I was planning on not sharing this... that was until I painted my nails and was amazed at how beautiful it looked and couldn't resist sharing some pictures of my nails. This is a wonderful deep brown copper glitter that is probably one of the more toned down glitters from Deborah Lippmann making it a good everyday/wear to the office shade for autumn/winter.


As the glitter is held in a brown jelly I was a bit weary of how many coats it would take to cover but I was pleasantly surprised when it only took 2 medium coats to become a full on opaque glitter. The glitter itself as you can see is small and dense making application easy and neat, no having to push the glitter around the nail to make it look even here. With the orange/copper glitter really standing out from the brown jelly base - just perfect! 

Like most glitters this does dry with less of a shine but one coat of Seche Vite or any top coat (to also give a smooth feel) sorts that minor problem out.

A nail polish that looks even more amazing out of the bottle and on the nails! 

Fee xo.

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