Under £15 - Nails Inc Best Dressed Mini Collection


Remember last month when I wrote a pre-Christmas wish list? Probably not. Well I decided that I needed to treat myself to the Nails Inc set I featured in that post because it just looked too glittery and wonderful to miss out on. 

Since then lots of places have been selling out of the mini set, even ASOS. But I found it on Beauty Bay for the bargain sale price of £12.80 here!

I've recent years I have purchased a few mini collections from Nails Inc as they are nice way to try out the more 'special' shades from the brand, especially when their nail polishes cost £9+. I've always been pleased even if they are pretty dinky but this year I'm even more happy as this set contains some amazing glitters from 5 different collections.


I would have loved to have swatched away on my real nails however sadly I've had a few nail casualties so a nail wheel will have to suffice for now!

As you can see the set contains a lovely mix of textures and finishes. 2 glitter top coats with Hampstead Court and Old Street, a semi opaque glitter with Westminster Bridge Road, a subtle glitter opaque top coat with Regents Park and a metallic foil in rose gold with King's Road

My favourite has to be Regents Park as it just reminds me of shimmering winter berries and it really does look beautiful on the nails, perfect for Christmas and winter. But I also love how fun Old Street is, I'm sure it would look great over a white or black nail polish especially for New Years Eve. Also King's Road went and surprised me as I always imagine metallic nail polishes to be streaky but this is just perfect and such a soft delicate shade that I can imagine wearing alone or with a subtle gold glitter over the top or even Hampstead Court.


This really is a nail polish set ideal for the festive season and updating your party nail polish collection... just like I have done (I've told myself no more presents to me love from me until after Christmas!). 

But this would also make a great gift for someone that loves nail polish! I know I would be pretty delighted with this... well maybe a different mini set such as the Nails Inc The Editors Set which is even cheaper at £11.20 here... just not as glittery. Or you could split up the set if you were creating a few gift sets for friends. 

Really at a great price at the moment and worth snapping up! 

Fee xo.

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