My Christmas Advent Calendars


We are a few days into Christmas (December) now and as I have been thoroughly enjoy opening my advent calendars each day I thought I'd show you the ones I have this year! And also tell you to hurry up and get one if you haven't already as it's a sure way to feel a little bit excited about Christmas each morning.

Last year was a bit of a disappointment for me on the advent front - I had a Thornton's one (the one with the iced on name at the bottom) and the chocolate was the cheapest tasting milk chocolate ever! So rubbish in fact I didn't bother open half the doors. So this Christmas I vowed a better advent calender... though never did I think I'd be opening two! 

Of course an chocolate Advent Calendar is a must, I mean nothing says pretending to be an excited child at Christmas than eating chocolate before breakfast - I hope this isn't just me! So I went with an advent calendar from my favourite chocolate brand - Lindt. I absolutely love Lindt chocolate, it's just so smooth and creamy and you get a lovely wrapped chocolate each day! I purchased mine from Tesco for £5.00 though most supermarkets do still stock them.... you will have to be quick now. Or you can find a giant dark chocolate one from the Lindt shop here.


For my extra advent treat I also have an amazing Ciate mini mani calendar that is such the treat. This is definitely a luxury extra that contains 24 Ciate nail polish and nail art minis plus a full size polish for Christmas Eve.... that I may have peaked at then oooo'd at - it's an extra special one! So far I have opened 4 doors meaning 4 lovely minis - 2 solid colour polishes, a glitter top coat and an amazing bottle of sequins!

These also come with the nicest festive names, the glitter being called Snow Globe and the loose sequins, Miss Mistletoe. So far I have tried out the lovely red shade with Snow Globe over the top, but this is a great way to make sure your paint your nails lots of festive colours during December. You can find the Ciate Mini Man Month Calendar for £42.00 from ASOS here

If you haven't got an Advent Calendar yet but want one then I'd suggest heading to your nearest supermarket as so many will be reduced but selling out fast! 

I'd love to hear what advent you have if you have one. 

Fee xo.

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