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This week I have been... 
Getting back in to a festive state of mind - State of mind sounds serious but I take Christmas seriously! Christmas is my favourite time of year but as I have just come back from my winter sun holiday I do need to get them warm festive feelings back again. I'm nearly back to my festive self as I now have my Christmas tree up and my home is feeling like a winter wonderland! I now need to just overdose on Christmas films and everything festive!

Enjoying Gift Guides -  Blogger's gift guides really do put magazine ones to shame these days! So much more thorough and interesting. I have already looked at so many but my favourites have to be City Girl's Fashion Box's mammoth gift guide here that features so many amazing gift ideas. And A Thrifty Mrs's well thought out gift guide for gifts that will make the most difference to anyone living on a tight budget here. I'm just getting in to the swing of things with my own gift guides and my first proper one which is 'Under £5 for her' will be up tomorrow!

Watching Vlogmas videos from my favourites - Ahhhh so many wonderful Youtuber's are doing Vlogmas this year! So many in fact that I have to limit myself to just a few before I get out of bed in the morning (I have a strange routine of waking up and instantly watching You Tube videos) or I just wouldn't get up for hours as there are so many to watch daily. My favourites have to be from - Dulce Candy, Zoella, Miss Budget Beauty, Sunbeam Jess and Essie Button.

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 Craving more good books - Even though sunning myself next to a pool whilst reading a good book seems much longer than a week ago I can still vividly remember the feeling of being swept up in to another world through just reading, it really can be total escapism! On holiday I ended up reading A Monster Called by Patrick Ness and John Green's The Fault In Our Stars... both amazing books but TFIOS's just blew me away (definitely a must read if you haven't read it). So now I'm craving something new to get stuck in to! Recommendations are fully appreciated! On a little side note I was thinking I may do a favourite books of 2013 at the end of the year as this year has been a year of amazing reads for me.

Planning Christmas presents - My notebook is out and I already have gift ideas for everyone that I'm buying for this year. I like to do this as it means I don't go off track as much and then end up with too many presents for someone. I'm not a huge list maker but at Christmas lists are definitely helpful!

...And starting my Christmas shopping - This has mainly been for gift wrapping as I love beautifully wrapped presents but I have started my Christmas shopping now! I have vowed to myself I will do more shopping on the high street over online shopping this year as it's much more festive, though of course you don't get the same discounts. The reason for this is last year I did the majority of my shopping online then went shopping once or twice just for extras such as chocolates and wrapping paper. Quite practical but also boring! So this month I'm going to plan a good few Christmas shopping trips!

Enjoying festive TV - Christmas TV has began! Well it seemed so last Monday night with A Great British Christmas with Sarah Beeny (watch here) which was really interesting and very festive. Then the first of four part documentary on Liberty of London (watch here) which was all about the inner workings of Liberty's and how they prepare for Christmas.

Hope you all have a lovely lazy Sunday,

Fee xo.

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