Christmas Gift Guide - 10 Foodie Gift Ideas


Indoor Herb Allotment - £18.66 Amazon here
 I just love the idea of this herb kit! So unique and also well made from the reviews I have read. I think most people like the idea of growing their own herbs but it's a bit faffy especially if you have to find pots for them and it can look a bit mess. But this keeps them all together and looks great. Plus the little shed holds all your tools for the herb garden. 

Snow Globe Salt and Pepper Shakers - £9.99 Awoot here 
These may just be on my own Christmas list this year because I have a thing for snow globes and this may just be the most ingenious idea ever. A unique and clever gift. 

Andrew James 42cm Multi Cooker - £19.99 Amazon here 
This is a more usable take on the slow cooker and with a slow cooker myself I can see how this irons out afew of the flaws. This is large enough to cook stews and soups but also shallow enough to fry breakfast, cook paella and even bake pizza! This also becomes cordless so it can be take straight to the table which is a great feature. A great gift for anyone that enjoys home cooking. 

The Burger Book

The Burger Set - £5.00 Asda here
This is one of the cookbooks in my own collection that is the best burger book with some amazing recipes - Mushroom Swiss Burgers, Bento Burgers, Mexican Turkey Burgers, Cajun Pork Burgers plus so many more. I purchased mine from Tesco for £5 hardback but you can find a boxset with a burger press from Asda for £5. I personally think a nicer gift would be to buy the £5 book and also buy a good quality burger press with a selection of onion relishes. 

A selection of American candy - Best place to buy eBay 
This isn't really such a unique gift idea anymore but definitely a fun one! For ease Selfridges do offer quite a large selection of American products but price wise it works out cheaper from eBay. Hershey's and Reese's are two great American brands, plus Marshmallow Fluff is a cheap but fun product! 

Monin Flavoured Coffee Syrups - £6.99 Lakeland here
 From the syrups that are used in Costa Coffee comes this lovely 5 bottled sets of some favourite flavours. These can be used in coffees, milkshakes, on ice cream and even in baking, making this a lovely versatile set.


Baklava - £3.50 Tesco and various supermarkets 
 Baklava isn't a hugely popular sweet treat but most supermarkets now stock it. This middle eastern dessert style sweet pastry is made up of layers of filo pastry filled with various nuts and sweetened with syrup. An unusual gift for someone that hasn't tried Baklava before! I absolutely love it but it is so rich that a box really does last.

Camembert Baker - £15.27 Amazon here 
If you have a cheese lover in your family then this is a gift they are sure to love. This does seem a little pricey however this high qualtiy baker is something that will last and will ensure the cheese is cooked evenly. Could also be accompanied with a Camembert wheel and a selection of nice crackers to make it more of a gift set. 

Instant Tea Selection Gift Set - £18.00 Whittards here
Even as a non-tea lover I can say Whittards is the best place to buy tea from. This set is a lovely alternative to normal tea that most tea lovers will be new to. Until other flavoured teas this is powdered so there isn't that tea leaf undertone to the fruity flavours. Dreamtime and Turkish Apple are just to die for! 

Charbonnel et Walker Dark Chocolate Drink - £5.00 John Lewis here (also Waitrose and Tesco)
The poshest hot chocolate that you can buy but for only £5! This would make a lovely cheap yet expensive looking gift teamed with a lovely wintry mug.

Next gift guide on my list.... Under £5 for her! 

Fee xo.

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