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A slightly random weekend post today. But one I felt I wanted to do as I've been so into different home scents recently. 

I've always loved burning candles but over the past few years I've ventured into melting wax tarts and also lovely organic room sprays. Here are a few scents I'm currently enjoying and thought were worth mentioning.


Owl Oil/Wax Tart Burner 
£5.00 Gift set - Asda 
As I'm not a fan of soot/excess fumes from non-organic candles I turned to using a wax tart burner last year. I've had quite a boring cream burner since then until I came across this lovely owl one from Asda which came in a set with 2 essential oils. It is classed as an oil burner so the dish at the top is fairly small so you do need to break up your wax tart instead of melting it whole but that isn't such a big deal. At the moment I'm burning a Yankee Candle wax tart in Cherries On Snow which is ideal for winter. I also love soy wax tarts that can be found on Etsy or eBay, really strongly scented and they last quite a long time for the price. 

Neom Serenity Travel Candle
£15.00/20hrs burn time - Neom here
Another scent I'm burning at the moment is my absolute favourite from Neom. I've tried many scents from Neom but the Serenity scent is just calming and subtle gourmand with the vanilla and sandalwood scent that smells more like chocolate orange to me. This is also the only candle that really relaxes me so this sits on my bedside table to burn as I'm reading in bed before going to sleep.


Cuticura Ginger & Manuka Honey Hand Wash 
£2.49/300ml (currently on offer) - Boots, Tesco etc 
Is a hand wash a home scent? I'm not really sure, but I thought I would include it because this is a lovely scent and as far as liquid hand soap go this is quite a unique one. The scent for me is more honey than ginger but you do get a hint of ginger. As you can see I do pour this into a stone hand pump that goes on my sink as it just looks nicer. This is also pretty cheap at the moment in Boots as it's half price so only £1.24 for 300ml here or in-store.

Neon Real Luxury Organic Room Mist 
£16.00/100ml - Neom here
Another beautiful scent from Neom. Again like candles I'm don't like synthetic smells or fumes... they actually bring on headache! So cheap canned air fresheners or plug in scents aren't an option, so this one from Neom is ideal. I use this all over the home and on my sofa cushions and bedding. The scent is Lavender, Jasmine, & Brazilian Rosewood which I'd love to explain the smell of as it's so fresh and uplifting without being citrus-y but I really can't think how best to explain the combination of scents. But trust me this is so lovely to spritz in a newly cleaned room or on fresh sheets or when you are about to have guests. Yes, pricey for a room spray but so worth it for such a pure scent. 

Hope you all have a lovely first weekend of November. 

Fee xo.

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