Favourite Autumn/Winter Fragrance - Calvin Klein Secret Obsession


With a change of season I always start to change up my fragrances, relying on old favourites and treating myself to something new. I haven't decided what that something new is quite yet as I haven't been shopping but I have already started wearing my scent of choice from last A/W and love it soooo much I thought I'd write a review on it. 

Secret Obsession by Calvin Klein is a fairly low priced fragrance that in my opinion couldn't be more suited to the autumn and winter months. So much so that this is the one perfume that sits gathering dust once spring arrives until September/October. 

You can find the scent on... Amazon - 100ml/EDP £19.88 here, Amazon 50ml/EDP £15.99 here and 30ml for around the same price as the 50ml... so not really worth the smallest size. You can also sometimes pick up a miniature size from eBay (shown below) or in CK mini perfume gift sets.


The reason for this is that is has a warm sultry spice to it that is perfect for cold weather; both day and night. The top notes in this are - Plum, Rose and Nutmeg, The middle notes - Tuberose, Jasmine. Base Notes - Amber, Sandalwood and Vanilla. However my own nose can only really detect the Nutmeg, Jasmine, Amber and Sandalwood to make up the smokey almost boozy smelling scent. This really is a hard fragrance to describe but if you can imagine a scent without sweetness or gourmand notes but a scent that is warm, sultry and full of oriental spice..... yes, I'm really no good at describing scents. 

 Compared to my other fragrances which are either sweet, floral or 'yummy' this really sits on its own as it's quite mature and deep. But that is why I love it so much! It feels like my unique winter perfume and I absolutely love the caramel toned brown glass of the bottle.

Like all fragrance reviews I highly recommend just having a smell of this at a perfume counter/Boots... on your own skin and not on a piece of paper! As all perfumes smell different person to person and it a good way to find out how long the scent will last on you. I personally find this to be a very long lasting scent as this lingers for days if I spray in onto a winter snood or scarf. 

So it you are look for a dry wintry scent then this may be one to have a spritz of when next shopping. 

Would love recommendations for a new Autumn/Winter perfume that is under the £20 mark! 

Fee xo.

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