Unbranded eBay Bargains - Under £3!


When it comes to beauty accessories prices can be majorly hiked up when they become a branded product...  much like anything really.

However I have scoured eBay for a few unbranded versions of some popular products that are literally a fraction of the price! 

Detangling Hair Brush 
Non-Branded Version - £1.18 eBay here
Tangle Teezer  - £10.99 Boots here
I absolutely love my Tangle Teezer, I use it every time I dry my hair to de-tangle it, but if I had of known that I could have purchased a similar one for just over £1 I would have done in a heartbeat. This unbranded version really does seem identical in shape and size and even has two lengths of plastic bristles just like the Tangle Teezer. 
 Light-up Compact Mirror 
Non-Branded Version - £3.00 eBay here
Les Tai Tai Compact Mirrors - £19.00 own site here 
These are basically plain light-up mirrors minus the cost! If you do however love the idea of a themed one then at this price you can even try your hand at customising it (similar to customised 3D phone covers). Alternatively MUA are selling a Famous by Sue Moxley for only £4.00 here. I own a lovely Les Tai Tai one and get so much use out of it!
Makeup Blending Sponge 
Non-Branded Version - 99p eBay here
Cosmo Blend Perfection Sponge - £4.99 Superdrug here
Not a huge saving here but really a sponge is a sponge and I'd rather save £4.00 than not! I do own the Cosmo Blend Perfection Sponge (had it over 3 years now!) and it really does give a flawless finish to any foundation. However it you are new to trying out a sponge then it is 100% worth getting the 99p version. These also come in 5 different colours and shapes.
Travel Perfume Spray 
Non-Branded Version - £1.68 eBay here
Travalo Atomizer - £9.99 Amazon here 
 This is a total no-brainer here. I actually own both the Travalo and the much cheaper version and I can confirm they do exactly the same job. Very handy for carrying your favourite perfume in your bag or for travel/taking on holiday. I have 3 of these now and plan to take them all on holiday with me this year so I have a choice of scents... something I'd never be able to do with full size perfume bottles.

Glass Nail File 
Non-Branded Version - £1.19 eBay here
Branded Versions - £10+ 
I've always been tempted by glass nail files in Boots but put off by the price tag. At £1.19 though I will have to get myself one now to try out. Very keen to see if I will be ditching my many standard nail files for a glass one!
Collagen Under Eye Masks 
Non-Branded Version (5 pairs) - 99p eBay here
Branded Versions - £20+
These aren't a beauty accessory as such but I had to include them as I have seen eye masks like these being sold at ridiculous prices. I've tried the 24k gold versions and they were a lovely treat when having a pampering night. The feel of these are very strange but they are just so cooling and soothing for the under eye area and really do plump up the skin. A great addition to pampering whilst using a face mask.
Hope you've enjoyed this bargain filled post! 

Fee xo.

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